40K Apocalypse Writ Large

Games Workshop’s revised Warhammer 40K Apocalypse is drawing closer. Along with the book, Games Workshop will release four new Finecast Space Marine Captains.

Yet the big thing (sorry) everyone is looking for are, of course, Games Workshop’s big plastic kits. These have been the centre-piece of every recent release for Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy. What better time for GW to show off their largest kits than a new Apocalypse?

Here are some close-ups of the big releases coming to Warhammer 40K in July 2013

#1 – Khorne Lord of Skulls

Khorne Lord of Skulls

Few Games Workshop miniatures have evoked as many negative reactions as this large-scale revival of a 40K Epic classic. Whatever it is, it’s undeniably “Warhammer 40K”, to its very core.

#2 – Necron Tesseract Vault

Necron Tesseract Vault

From what the rumours say, the Necrons literally caged a God in this vault (which, apparently, needs permanent repair on the outside) to go to war “Apocalypse-style”.

Caged God

#3 – Imperial Aquila Strongpoint

Aquila Strongpoint

The Emperor Protects!

#4 – Thoughts?

I guess I don’t have to ask. All the cool kids hate the Lord of Skulls it seems.

I think it’s a rather fun miniature actually. Is it over the top? Sure, but in a “good way”, I believe. Then again, I never was a massive fan of the more sober “Flames of War in Space” approach to 40K, as pioneered by Forge World in particular.




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  • thorfinskullsplitter1

    I like the khorne lord of death thing..it instantly made me think of the hunter Killer Tank from the first terminator movie..Kind of bummed there isnt an ELdar super heavy of some kind.

  • Warrior Warlock

    I also like the khorne machine. But perhaps because of nostalgia reasons rather than aesthetics. I wasnt a fan of the necron tesseract before now. I had no idea it was a caged god, that is badass! Ilook forward to reading the fluff behind that one! I teresting though that even as ephemeral a creature as a god has a totally human(oid) appearance. I nderstand why but think that is a bit of a shame.

    • nurglitch

      The C’tan aren’t gods. They’re solavores with a grossly inflated sense of self-importance.

  • Hive Senteniel

    Oh my C’tan!! A new star god! This Is amazing GW finally did it. I can’t wait to face one in an Apocalypse battle with my Nids

  • living death

    This release just reminds me of how bad the new Necron fluff is. At least the model design isn’t an embarrassment like the other new Necron vehicles.

  • C AJ Segger

    I think this head on the Lord Of Skulls is better than the one they showed on the front of the White Dwarf but the arms still look to static, If the arms are more poseable then I’ll probably get one. The new Wall of Martyrs stuff is already on my shopping list.

  • nurglitch

    I like the way that the Lord of Skulls appears to be make out of spare Juggernauts. I also like the way that it makes a Daemon Engine look like an insane daemonic engine instead of a robot beast.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      funny, I really don’t like the juggernaut heads. Makes it look like an amateur kitbash rather than a GW sculpt.

      • nurglitch

        Sucks to be you then, I guess.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          no, sucks to be GW as they won’t be getting any of my money from anything they’ve put out in this release!

          • nurglitch

            So? Why should they want your money? It seems they would prefer mine.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I think since they exist to make money they would prefer both of our’s.

          • Comments for the Comment God

            No ill piss on you! No ill piss on you!

  • George

    Khorne Lord of Skulls…nutz!!! I was hoping for plastic Titans!!!