Clan Raukaan – Iron Hands Space Marines Supplement

News have appeared about the next Space Marines supplement to follow after the (yet to be released) Sentinels of Terra: Clan Raukaan (of the Iron Hands Space Marines).

Clan Raukaan Space Marines Supplement

Rumoured Contents

Some rumours of the contents exist as well, thanks to the ever-vigilant Faeit212.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
This is from the November White Dwarf, Clan Raukaan is an Iron Hands codex supplement set for digital release in November. Here are some of the details mentioned

  • Iron Hands companies are named after the clans of Medusa, and Clan Raukaan is the largest of these.
  • Battles vs chapters arch rival- The Slaanesh Prince the Saphire King

Rules for fielding Clan Raukaan including the standard;

  • Chapter Relics,
  • Apocalypse Datasheets,
  • Stratagems for Planetstrike, Cities of Death
  • Altar of War

Kardan Stronos is also mentioned as the Iron Father of Clan Raukaan, but might just be part of the background.


Two in a row! Wow.

The rumours on this have been out for a while, but I admit I have been extremely skeptical: Two supplements for one Codex in two consecutive months?

Well, it is here (and given that Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elves apparently get 2 months of releases in a row, it sort of makes sense).


  • Sentinels of Terra or Clan Raukaan?
  • Imperial Fist or Iron Hands
  • Or both?

Which Codex Space Marines Supplement would you go for?

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  • Yggdrasil

    Still waiting for my Star Phantoms’ 9th Company C:SM supplement :)

    It’s good to see the Iron Hands are getting some love too, after all… Combined with the GW bits and the FW soon-to-be-released conversion kit, that should yield some great armies overall !!!

    • Zweischneid


      True enough, however, I do wonder why they didn’t choose to supplement some of the minor successor chapters (including, perhaps, Star Phantoms), but went with the “sub-division of a founding chapter” route.

      • Yggdrasil

        Well, maybe we should just be confident in the future… GW Digital Editions, as you mentioned in your “Adepta Sororitas” 2nd article, seem to be able to “think out of the box”…
        Maybe the future releases will have that covered !! ?!?

  • James_33

    I play Ultramarines, but I’m an Astartes fan in general and will be buying both once they’re released in hardcover.

  • belverker

    think this is coming out to tie nicely in with what forgeworld are releasing at the moment, more excited about the imperial fists one but i have never been a fan of the iron hands.

  • ElCapitan

    This is very exciting for me and my iron hands, the Wrath of Iron book was great and I hope there are rules for some characters from it, I only wish they would release a special mini with each Supplement especially Iron Hands. Although I would relish an opportunity to convert another character!

  • Tony


  • Dr. Doom

    Didn´t someone of the rumormongers corroborate that White Scars would be the first suplement?

    • Zweischneid

      Yes. It was floated about quite a bit.


      stickmonkey on faeit212 wrote:

      Ive got the following codex/army/supplement schedule down right now, pretty much aligns with your recent post:

      Oct: dark elves wfb
      Farsight supplement hardcopy
      White scars supplement digital
      No mystery box(es)

      Nov: tyranids 40k
      Terrain set (more wall of martyrs compatible pieces)
      Ultramarines supplement digital
      Black legion supplement hard copy

      Dec: hobbit (box set)
      Bundles for fantasy and 40k
      White scars hard copy
      Hive fleet behemoth supplement digital

      Jan: IG 40k
      Alpha legion supplement 40k digital
      Ultramarines supplement hard copy

      Feb: Brettonians or Dwarves wfb
      Hive fleet behemoth hard copy
      Steel legion digital

      White Scars – Sep 2013
      *via an anonymous source here on Faeit 212

      Your Forgeworld post reminded me of something I learned from one of my GW sources at the weekend: namely, White Dwarf will be getting a new Editor, very soon. My guess is sometime around the 1 year anniversary of the current “new” format (end of this month).

      In addition, he confirmed the White Scars supplement is next – and imminent. No surprise there

      via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
      Most of the special characters have seen a points increase.

      Grav weapons have a base strength against targets without an armor save.

      SM will launch in September on it’s own.

      White scars in October.

      The October white dwarf blues preview tyranids for november.

      There’s a big push for an ultramarine supplement to be released in November alongside the tyranid book in digital. Supplement will focus on the tyrannic war.

      May be a warzone and not a codex supplement. Alternatively, this might mean that ultramarines get multiple supplements.


      In the end… never mistake a rumour for fact ;)

    • Zweischneid

      Though, to be fair, I think rumours on digital releases will be a huge pain no matter what.

      There’s no printing involved, no miniatures, no stocks or logistics.

      Maybe there is/was a White Scars supplement on somebody’s harddrive in Nottingham and they just canceled it. Or delayed it. Or the editor didn’t like it, and told them to do it differently. Or it got stuck in the iTunes approval loop. Or whatever.

      Or maybe there never was a White Scars product.

      Either way, GW can be a lot more flexible with the digital stuff. There is no reason they need to commit to any particular release date. No stores, logistics, nothing. When it’s ready, it goes on the website. If not, it wont.