Tau Empire Farsight Bomb – Is This The End?

Warhammer 40K Tau Empire Commander Farsight Bomb

The Farsight Enclaves Supplement for Codex Tau is nearly upon us.

Among the previews shown by Games Workshop, a suspicious line was spotted that strongly hints at a possible FoC-switch-up – to make Crisis Suits troops – that would doubtlessly change how the 40K-community thinks about Commander Farsight on the table.

Time for a brief (perhaps premature) requiem on what Farsight is best known for in the game today: The Farsight Bomb!

#1 – What The Hell Is The Farsight Bomb?

Confused about the Farsight Bomb I keep rambling about?

Short summary: Farsight Bomb is a “classic” Tau Empire list, which also made it nicely into the new 6th Edition Tau Empire Codex. In a nutshell, the Farsight Bomb is a large unit of Tau XV8 Crisis Suits – usually 7+ – made with (and thanks to) Farsight’s special bodyguard-rule.

It was cool in 4th (and 5th) Edition (i.e. before double-FoC, Riptides, etc..) because it got a lot more Crisis Suits into the army than 3 Elite Slots for 3 XV8s each would allow.

In 6th Edition, maximising the number of XV8 Crisis Suits isn’t as imperative any more.

Still, Farsight Bomb allows a lot of Crisis Suits in a single unit; the closest thing to a Tau Deathstar I suppose. Moreover, the new 6th Edition rules for Crisis Suit Bodyguards and Farsight’s Warlord Trait to deepstrike flawlessly give the list some fun tricks to play with.

Add Farsight’s mysterious Dawn Blade, and the list gives you a deep-striking Tau commando team that’ll make Dante and his deep-striking golden boys look old (in just about every way).

#2 – A ‘Classic’ Farsight-Bomb Army List for 6th Edition

Here is what a “classic” (and basic) Farsight-Bomb 1,500 pts. list looks like in Warhammer 40K 6th Edition (pre-Farsight Supplement). This isn’t the most optimized version (adding an allied Farseer on Jetbike to Farsight’s already menacing units seems popular these days, and having both Farsight and Commander Shadowsun for a shrouded Farsight Bomb was in vogue briefly).

I’ve also kept things out that weren’t allowed to be fielded alongside Commander Farsight in the 4th Edition Codex (e.g. Kroot, Ethereals, etc.. ), even though these restrictions no longer exist.

HQ 652
Commander Farsight
XV8 Crisis Suit Bodyguards
4 Suits with TL-Plasma Rifle and Fusion Blaster
3 Suits with TL-Plasma Rifle and Flamer
with Neuroweb System Jammer, Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite, Onager Gauntlet & 3 Drones
Troops 279
12 Fire Warriors
12 Fire Warriors
7 Fire Warriors
Elite 240
XV104 Riptide with Ion Accelerator, Early Warning Override and 2 Shielded Missile Drones
Fast Attack 135
8 Pathfinder with Shas’ui, 1 Ion Rifle, 1 Rail Rifle and 1 Drone
Heavy Support 194
2 Boardsides with HYMP and Velocity Trackers and 2 Drones
Total 1500

While this isn’t the most refined Farsight Bomb-list you’ll ever see (mostly because I haven’t played a Farsight list- or even against one – in 6th Edition yet, I’d always welcome Farsight veterans chipping in with improvements though). It does illustrate the basic idea however.

The list is essentially two parts: A solid fire base (also works well with an Aegis Defence Line, obviously) and a gilded, very expensive Farsight-and-Bodyguard Crisis-Suit-Star (a full complement of 7 bodyguards might actually be a bit much for 1500 points).

The former sits backs and does what Tau gun-lines do. The latter better take down the toughest element in your opponent’s army.. and the second toughest element… and the third toughest.

#3 – Is This The End?

Is this the end? Will the Farsight Codex Supplement kill the Farsight Bomb? Why am I asking this?

Well, the internet’s abuzz with whispers that the upcoming Farsight Codex Supplement – unlike the Iyanden Supplement – may, after all, truly introduce a FoC-changing rule of some kind. Or, not of some kind, but of a kind that allows you to take XV8 Crisis Suits as a troop choice, allowing you to field an all-suits-elite army without Fire Warriors or Kroot (if you don’t want to).

The main piece of evidence is this sub-headline from the previews for this supplement.

Farsight Rules Preview

One on hand, I think it would be stupid if Games Workshop takes that route. I still believe the beauties of the Iyanden Supplement is that you don’t need to have it. A “you-can-play-an-all-Crisis-Suits-army-supplement” would be a “must buy” though, not much discussion there!

And yes, I too would probably buy it for the fun of running a very small all-Suits elite Tau Army. Thus I can see why Games Workshop would want to do this with a Farsight supplement. Grrrrr!

Not stupid then, but… cold?

And yes (a second time!), I think it would likely be the end of the Farsight Bomb. Everyone would move over to using Farsight for an all-Crisis Suit army.

Or, is that the logical next step of the Farsight Bomb? Army-wide Farsight-Bomb?

#4 – Thoughts?

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Farsight Codex Supplement?

  • Would you welcome a rule that allows XV8 Crisis Suits as troops?
  • Do you think it would be a fun army to field in Warhammer 40K?
  • Do you think it would be a fun army to face in Warhammer 40K?

And how would you improve my little newb-Farsight list above?

I am looking forward to your comments!




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  • kaptinscuzgob

    i dont think it will be that bad. crisis teams as troops just removes most target priority for opponents, since the teams are both super efficient shooters AND scoring units. theyre only T4 with a 3+ save, not that difficult to instant death for most armies. i expect it will be like draigowing; a handful of expensive multi-wound models that cant manage the table control it really needs to stop a foe that massively outnumbers it

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      Hmm… maybe the article is badly worded.

      I don’t think a small “Crisis-suits-only” army will be a very tough nut to crack on the table.

      What I wanted to say was that, in contrast to Iyanden (where the Wraithguards to troops-swap was in the main-Codex), it’ll likely piss off a lot more people who are “forced” to buy a second book to run it.

      Oh.. and Farsight Bomb nostalgia!

      • Panagiotis Galanis

        Well I think both the above comments hit the spot from different perspectives. From what I understand the first is game mechanics oriented the second more on context and off-table considerations.

        It would be troublesome to see a pattern of new supplements that nullify codices, but I don’t think thισ is in line with the 6th ed books so far. In my opinion they remain fairly balanced without outrageous power fluctuations from army to army. I am very suspicious on practically every GW move, but so far the codex part of 6th ed seems one of the more balanced so far.

        That said I am a huge Farsight fan. Even from the 3rd ed codex, I liked this figure that broke away from the Empire for his own mysterious reasons. A supplement about the enclaves would be a culmination of a 9 year (if memory serves) expectation to learn about the faction of hardened Tau, living on the fringes and find out what happened exactly there.

        New characters are more than welcome in my opinion creating an more coherent point of reference for list building as well as narrative within the game-although I would like Farsight to remain as a dominant figure.

      • disqus_I1VIVQiPZK

        I don’t really see how it is the end of the farsight bomb, as far as I know farsight will still be able to take all his bodyguards and will still deepstrike without scattering

  • disqus_I1VIVQiPZK

    I personally wouldn’t play a crisis suit only army, I like my fire warriors too much, and don’t know how to use the suits well anyway

  • Wolfgard

    Personally I’d welcome being able to play suits as Troops, not so you could have a Suit only army, but to add up some variation to a rather dull army that just sits there and shoots. Considering that the only real mobility left in the Tau codex is the suits, I welcome anything that brings the army back up to the level they were before. Not as fast as eldar, but more mobile/shooty than most other armies.
    Plus if you can bring XV8′s as troops, you might actually see some stealth suits on the table now and them rather than the typical Riptide/Crisis suit spam lists

  • Crisis suit guy

    I’ve been waiting for crisis suit troops for years GIMME GIMME GIMME! *grabby hands*

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid


      There is that!

    • Panagiotis Galanis

      Hahaha, that sums it up nicely – lol

  • Alan

    My Iontides fondly remember the days of the Farsight bombs… Oh how they loved the tightly packed 3+ saves getting hit by the nice big S8 ap2 template. That was indeed some hot Tau on Tau action.