Forge World Magos Dominus & Castellax Battle-Automata

While Games Workshop – the Studio – is preparing for a new Warhammer 40K Space Marines release, their Forge World branch is exploring some of the more exotic parts of the Horus Heresy. Specifically the Priesthood of Mars (not quite the Adeptus Mechanicus yet), with the release of the Magos Dominus and the Castellax Battle-Automata.

To be honest, I don’t have the slightest clue how these work in the Warhammer 40K background.

Wasn’t the Horus Heresy supposed to be a (comparatively) enlightened age, before the Imperium mythologised technology to a form of pseudo-religion guarded by a secretive priesthood, rather than treating it like .. well .. technology?

Anyhow, the models are suitably weird.

#1 – Magus Dominus with Rad-Cleanser

Forge World Horus Heresy Magos Dominus

The Magos of the Priesthood of Mars are the masters of much of what remains of the vast and potent secrets of the Dark Age of Technology. To them the pursuit and preservations of the arcane mysteries of science and circuit are of far greater worth than petty wealth, worldly power or the lives of their fellow men. A Magos may live for centuries, prolonging their life through arcane science and progressive cybernetic conversion, willingly becoming something other than human as they seek to fulfil the Omnissiah’s will. There are many factions and sects within the Mechanicum, divided both by technological specialisation as well as rivalry and ancient feud, each vying for power, knowledge and resources beneath the outward unity the organisation displays, shrouded as it is by impenetrable mystery and arcana.

Forge World Magos Dominus Scale Comparison

#2 – Castellax Battle-Automata

Forge World Catellax Battle Automata

The most common of the widespread Castellan-type battle-automata in service, the Castellax is a general battle unit developed during the Great Crusade from its ancient forebear. Primarily intended for siege work and shock assaults, the Castellax Battle-automata is a hulking humanoid machine with a notoriously aggressive and responsive machine-spirit, and an enviable reputation on the battlefield.

Forge World Horus Heresy Castellax Miniature

#3 – Thoughts?

Someone please brief me on what the red-robed freaks are up to in Warhammer 30K! Clearly, I haven’t read far enough in the Horus Heresy novel series, having stopped at Fulgrim recently.

Your comments are appreciated!




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