MiniWarGaming Prepares a new Indiegogo Campaign is a very interesting company to follow right now. Not just because they produce great, fun videos, but because they embody the shifts in the industry like nobody else.

#1 – – A Recap

Miniwargaming started as a YouTube channel for Warhammer 40K videos, battle-reports, tutorials, etc.., along with a Canada-based online store selling (mainly) Games Workshop products.

Over a year ago (has it been that long already?), they ran a successful Indiegogo Crowd-funding campaign to launch their own 28mm sci-fi miniature skirmish-game Dark Potential. The game seems to be doing pretty good, I think, though I haven’t seen it played on this side of the pond.

Whatever Dark Potential, Painting Videos and YouTube made them, MiniWarGaming’s main source of income appears to have remained selling Games Workshop products – until Games Workshop’s revised Trade Agreements for Online-Retailers hit them, prompting MiniWarGaming to close their store (except for Dark Potential and a few hobby products).

They didn’t close their entire business however.

Instead, MiniWarGaming made plans to re-make themselves as a full-time producer of videos, articles and other goodies, financed with premium subscriptions to their site.

And the kick things off with high professionalism right from the start, they’re now launching a new Crowd-funder on Indiegogo. Have a look!

#2 – MiniWarGaming’s New Studio and Indiegogo Plans

Straight from MiniWarGaming’s Matt:

#3 – Thoughts?

If anyone out there has the following to pull this off, it’s probably

Still, Kickstarters and Indiegogos for DVDs, websites and accessories seem to have a far harder time than Crowd-funding drives for actual games and miniatures.

I am also curious as to why the MiniWarGaming folks see their future as an online content producer, and not trying to take their miniatures game Dark Potential to the next level?

What do you think?




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  • Thomas Evans

    I think producing a miniature game takes a ton of effort, and more so money. Most kickstarter and indiegogo campaigns either have a product already available, or need more cash than can be afforded. I think by having a way to support your company before diving into a huge investment like more minis is a good idea. If GW hadn’t suddenly dropped the bomb as they did, I think we’d see more Dark Potential.

  • orlando the technicoloured

    I’m bit surprised that they didn’t try to set up a US shell to allow them to access KS, as that seems a more successful platform in terms of cash pledged for roughly equivalent campaigns
    Unless of course they plan to go for a ‘flexible’ campaign where they keep whatever funds they raise even if they miss the target.. that might be worth it if they plan on going ahead anyway (which seems to be the case), but are a bit doubtful if they’ll fully fund what they need to pull in

    • Zweischneid

      Well, in the video he says they want to set a low goal anyhow, so I doubt flexible campaign is something they’ll try to do.

      I agree with the oddity of not going with Kickstarter. The main product they apparently want to offer are their videos, and most MiniWarGaming fans and subscribers already have access to these videos, no?

      Might simply be that they’ve done Indiegogo before, so it’s familiar turf.

  • Att64

    Matt explained his reasoning behind not pushing dark potential earlier this year throughout various live shows. Basically he’s excited just to have models and a pre-alpha rule book. He never expected dark potential to be at the level it is at the moment. He wants to stabilize his business before moving onto more DP models.

    He will pump up the game and refine the rule set with videos and player feedback over the course of the year. Afterwards he will launch another campaign towards the end of the 3rd quarter to further develop the 3 factions that have starter sets atm. He won’t do the salvagers until the rule book goes into beta and has more artwork etc.

    Obviously this campaign is just for equipment and renovations. Which isn’t a bad idea considering they are developing a more in depth show format.

    • Zweischneid

      Makes sense.

      I guess there is more than just one MiniWarGaming Crowd-funding campaign coming..