The New Warhammer 40K 6th Edition Tactical Marines

The word has been out for a while that Games Workshop will be updating what may well be their best-selling box of plastic miniatures ever… the humble Tactical Space Marines. It really doesn’t get further to the core of the Warhammer 40K visuals than the “basic” Space Marines.

How much can you change on the basic Space Marine without destroying the overall visuals of the bestselling miniature range.

How little can you change and still justify a new box and overhaul?

Well, a first few images of the new Warhammer 40K Tactical Space Marines have appeared. They do have Grav Weapons, the new trademark special weapon of the Space Marines range. Otherwise, the look remarkably like… well.. Space Marines.

Have a look!

#1 – New Tactical Space Marines

New Tactical Space Marines



#2 – Thoughts?


They are good. They are Space Marines. They are – along with the Tau Fire Warriors – probably the miniatures responsible for me being in this Hobby in the first place. I both like how Games Workshop didn’t go all crazy and, at the same time, wonder if it really was worth updating them?

At the very least however, it’s not just a simple 100% mark-up for “nothing” like they did with the Eldar Dire Avengers! And we also have (I think) a small image of a new Crimson Fists, showing off the colours of a non-Ultramarine Space Marines Chapter.

What do you think?

Tactical Marines, shiny and new? Good or Bad?


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