5 Space Marine Rumours That Are Hard To Believe!

Warhammer 40K Space Marines Rumours

Will the next release by Games Workshop, in September 2013, be a new Space Marines Codex?

For a while, all sorts of different predictions and rumours were floating about. Orks. Black Templars. On top of that, there’re still rumours about a 40K Skirmish Game, which superseded rumours that there would be a new Blood Bowl. And no solid anchors anywhere for any of them. GW’s secret policy is working like clockwork these days.

Yet over the last few days, the rumour-mongers have been going wild. The word is out that September will be a new Space Marines Codex. There’s nothing solid really. It feels like frenzied fish heralding the surfacing of something big. It’s still fun though.

Have a look at 5 of the latest Warhammer 40K Space Marines rumours that are floating out there!

#1 – Super-Power-Armour / Mini-Dreads

  • Hmmm, expect rhino variants, and also a new “suit” smaller than a dread but bigger than a termie.
  • Regarding the “larger terminators” – these models are described as being similar in aesthetic to the curving shapes of both the Contemptor and Tau Stealth suits. Bigger than current Terminators – but smaller than a Dreadnought.
  • There is a new armour type that at first glance looks to be somewhere between a terminator and a dreadnought – looking more closely, it appears to go over the marine’s power armour however. This new armour can be armed in 2 ways, depending on the user. The devastator version has either a bolter array or missile launchers mounted on the chest armour, whilst the gauntlets can be armed with heavy bolters, lascannons or grav cannons. The assault version has a bolter array or frag launchers mounted on the chest armour, with assault drills mounted on the gauntlets.
  • The new marine+ models look like fat tech marines with actual dreadnought feet, heavy bolter/las cannon sling under the arms a la marneus, and either hurricane bolters on each side of the chest or missiles. Armour playing like a col Rhodes style war machine almost.

#2 – Sternguard / Vanguard Kits & a Vanguard Skimmer

  • A new plastic Sternguard veteran squad.
  • A new plastic Vanguard veteran squad.
  • Sternguard plastics: These models look pissed off, GW really captured the old grizzled look. Sternguard have a marine with bald head w/ beard and another mohawk head! The bolters also have the drum magazines. I have seen the following combi-weapons flamer, melta, and plasma. GW did an amazing job on this kit, I’m super pumped for this kit.
  • Vanguard: They have options for beaky, relic blades, and a bareheaded marine w/ mohawk! The Vanguard Vets are more action oriented, think of the Blood Angels Death Company sprue.
  • AV 12/11/10, 11 transport capacity, skimmer tank, fast attack option with medium weaponry that can be taken as a dedicated transport by vanguard veterans.

#3 – Now Rhino Kit / Anti-Air Rhino Variant

  • There are 2 new AA tanks. One tank veterans will already be familiar with as the Hunter, armed an AA missile launcher. The other tank mounts 2 tri-barreled turrets instead.
  • The six barrelled auto cannon rhino looks bulkier too, with ground stabilisers looks solid. From the picture I’d say it will 99% have split fire. Each set of three has a separate turret. Different front end too.
  • Hunter: There’s another cannon option that looks similar to the epic version. It’s a heavy cannon option, possibly shoots missiles.
  • …new razorback, which is split into two variants: assault and support; where assault would come with twin-linked heavy flamers, and TL assault cannons, and the support variant would have TL heavy bolters, TL lascannon and Las/Plas options. The Rhino kit would be discontinued since it could be made from the Razorback kit. Price increases for both kits.

#4 – New Plastic HQ Miniatures

  • New plastic characters: a captain, a librarian and a chaplain.
  • Chaplain comes with helmetless option that has a bionic eye option.
  • The new chaplain is reminiscent of the old blood Angela chaplain, but with blowy scrolls like the apostle.
  • The librarian standing on a rock is a stunner, the cherub thingies will be removing.

#5 – New Tactical Marines with Grav Weapons

  • There is a new tactical squad. Lots of options as you’d expect, but of particular interest will probably be the grav pistol and grav rifle.
  • New weapon family: Grav weapons. I believe these wound against the armour save (so terminators would be wounded as if they had a toughness of 2).
  • Tactical Marines: The Armor has been updated will small studs, purity seals, and some new leg poses. These will mix really well with the current tactical squad. Missile launch backpack in the new tactical squad matches the devastator one with robo arm. There is a new arm set that has a marine loading a magazine into his bolter.

Sources & Thoughts

None of these rumours are my own. Credit is obviously due to whoever put those out there, but at this point it is kinda hard to keep track of who put out which rumour out there first.

Places I saw these rumours include 40KRadio, Faeit212, Dakkadakka and Warseer.

Many thanks everyone.

Sooo… what do you think? Lots of noise with no substance, or do these rumours have a credible origin somewhere?

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  • kaptinscuzgob

    why are these hard to believe? vanguard/sternguard vets are practically the only space marine unit that isnt in plastic, and plastic HQ choices have been a thing for a while now. a new anti-air tank would go well in this new release since every release now must have a ‘big kit’ to go with it. the only thing that feels iffy to me is the skimmer rumour.

  • ben

    excited for the sternguard (even though i play chaos!) for the plastic combi-weapons and drum bolters! too bad the combi-weapons will probably be 1 each in a box at $50 for 5 models :(

  • squirtle

    easy to believe now

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid


      Except for the Vanguard Skimmer thing