Rumoured Rules for the New Iyanden Craftworld Eldar

Warhammer 40K Codex Iyanden

With the release of the Eldar Codex, Games Workshop is testing new waters by releasing an additional book titled ‘Iyanden – A Codex: Eldar Supplement‘. In essence, it’s a rule and background supplement to one of the Eldar Craftworld: Iyanden.

Here is what Lexicanum says about this particular Craftworld.

Iyanden is an Eldar Craftworld. Once the most populated and largest of the Craftworlds, it is now on the brink of extinction after being invaded by Hive Fleet Kraken. Iyanden barely repelled the attack, losing thousands upon thousands of Eldar warriors in the process. With so few numbers remaining, Iyanden must now rely heavily on Wraith-constructs inhabited by the spirits of their dead, such as Wraithlords and Wraithguard, to form the backbone of its armies. Hence, the peope of Iyanden are often referred to as the “Ghost Warriors”. Despite suffering such a significant loss, the eldar of Iyanden are determined that their Craftworld will shine brightly once again.

The theme is pretty clear. It fits very well with the last release of new Eldar miniatures. With plastic Wraithguards / Wraithblade, the new Spiritseer and, not least, the towering Wraithknight, the recent batch has clearly focussed on the “undead” Eldar.

What is new is, obviously, the idea of a Codex Supplement. There’s been speculation on whether or not it will have new rules at all, or be entirely a background-only book.

Games Workshop’s Iyanden Promo-video released on YouTube a few days ago did preview some alternative rules, which are not found in the new 6th Edition Eldar Codex.

GW’s Iyanden Supplement Teaser Video

The Iyanden Codex Supplement Rules

It appears that the Iyanden Codex: Eldar Supplement is now available electronically for the iPad, even though the printed book (including yet another “Limited Edition”) won’t be out for another week. Either way, a few rules have been spilled on the interwebs, including on Dakkadakka:

Army Of Iyanden Rules:

Voice of Twilight – replaces Conceal as the Primaris
Blessing. Warp Charge 2.
Gives ALL Wraith BATTLE FOCUS AND FURIOUS CHARGE in a 12″ bubble.

Warlord Traits:

1) Roll a D3 – Warlord gets this many rerolls for To Hit, To Wound, Armour Pen and Saves.
2) All friendly units FNP 6+ within 12″.
3) Warlord and unit – Hatred.
4) Spirit Mark up to two enemy units per turn.
5) +1 to Deny The Witch.
6) Warlord ReRolls all failed armour saves. If he loses a wound, he loses this trait.

Gifts of Asuryan

Celestial Lance
It’s a lance like the Shining Spears get with AP2 and Str 8 when shooting. Has Spirit Shatter: if you kill a Character or MC put a large blast where it died. Str is equal to the dead things toughness. AP -

AP 2 Master Crafted Melee weapon with STR 3* and Spiritstealer – add one to the strength of the weapon for each unsaved wound made.

Wraithforge Stone
During the Movement Phase, nominate a single Wraithlord or Wraithknight and roll a D6. 1 or 2, nothing happens. 3+ it regains a wound suffered earlier in the battle.

Guardian Helm of Xellethon
Auto Pass Look Out Sir when in WG or WB units. WG and WB in this unit can make and accept challenges.

Spear of Teuthlas – Psyker Only.
Singing Spear, Str 9 at range. Has Rending, Armourbane and Fleshbane.

Heroes of Iyanden.
A Wraithlord or Wraithknight may be the Warlord.

Shadow Council.
5 Spiritseers for one HQ.


It is obviously not a lot of rules. The Codex Supplement – true to its name – wont give you the full rules to play an Eldar army without the regular Eldar Codex in your possession, even though the Iyanden supplement costs as much as any normal 6th Edition Codex does.

The main emphasis of the supplement will clearly be background material and pretty pictures. Yet it is clearly different enough from the current Eldar Codex to tempt people into buying it for a highly themed army (Wraithlord / Wraithknight Warlords being arguably the most obvious addition). Likely enough for people to pay for two Codex books to play their army.

  • What do you think?
  • Is the offer interesting enough to spend another GBP 30,- (or 25,- for the iPad)?
  • Would you like to see more supplements for the Eldar? For other 40K armies?

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Image: Eldar Iyanden Craftworld army by Blue Table Painting


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  • Palakir

    I actually got the ipad version. And even if I found it a bit pricy, the fluff part is really nice and they are some missions that looks cool. The rules give opportunity to field a really fluffly army and I like that. The only downside of this supplement (and it surprised me) was the gallery part where a lot of the eldar codex miniatures where just copy/past. So in the end, I don’t regret my purchase and will likely invest in some wraith constructs (I guess GW did its job well).

  • belverker

    this is probably what will happen to black templars when space marines are redone

    • Zweischneid

      At least it’s a possibility. I guess Games Workshop will look closely at the numbers of this one to figure out if it makes them good money or not.

      • belverker

        i don’t think they will have an issue, i know a few people who have bought the ipad version already and a few waiting on the physical one

  • DarkStarSabre

    Thing that gets me (other than the ridiculous price for a supplement that does not completely replace the core codex) is the fact that they waited til Eldar to do this. When, you know, Chaos Space Marines was sitting there from the word go. And, you know, Death Guard, Thousand Sons, Emperor’s Children and World Eaters would have all benefitted immensely from a supplemental codex approach. EC and TS especially as that would open up different Rubric types and allow the Chosen Sorc squads to come about and Sonic weapon squads….

    • Zweischneid

      True. Though I suppose it would’ve meant more new models for the Chaos Release in the Cult Marine corner. Chapterhouse or not, it seems to be the priority to cover new units first.

      Also, they shifted the Legion stuff to Forge World by and large, which I suppose is the brand catering to the “old timers” that want that kind of stuff over, say, a Heldrake ;)

  • Dread_Kennedy

    Remember when they made these books for 3rd edition and they were 15 bucks or so? Yeah, I do. Fifty bucks they were not. I can’t say 40k’s fluff has been anything but redundant and forced for the last few years (one mutant’s opinion) so buying it for fluff is a non-starter.

    This expansion to an expansion is the price of most other games hardback rulebooks.

    I do not accept the value proposition, whatsoever.

  • Punk Rock Zoologist

    I want to know if we’ll be getting any craftworld-specific models to go with the new suppliments. I’d love to see a reintroduction of Iyanna Arianel, the lead Spiritseer of Iyanden.