Rodeo Games Releases Warhammer Quest for iPad

Warhammer Quest

Ready for some dungeon delving? Warhammer Quest for the iPad has arrived!

Rodeo Games’ Twitter Announcement of Warhammer Quest

Rodeo Games announced the release of their long awaited Warhammer Quest game on Twitter.

There is also a rather informative (hear that Games Workshop?) teaser-trailer, which gives you a good preview of the game play.

Warhammer Quest Release Trailer

It’s no Diablo, but it looks fun enough I guess. Like almost all recent GW-adaptations and licenses to tablet games, it appears to stick very close to the original board game.

Your Thoughts?

Looks like a quality game, and at £2.99 it is certainly more within the “impulse-buy” range than Games Workshop’s digital products.

Yet in the effort to stick to the “original” and cater to the fans of the board game, the game-play looks a bit quaint and vintage. I don’t doubt it will sell good with Warhammer Quest fans, though I doubt it will draw many young kids from the “tablet-generation”.

I could be wrong though.

What do you think?




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  • Chris

    It is sadly, after having bought it, ridiculously easy. Fired it up on the hardest setting but apart from one game where I wondered how stupid I would have to be to lose someone, haven’t lost anyone. It is far too easy to turtle while casting healing spells. Only once did I quit the dungeon and that was for the final quest which I was attempting at level 3 and 4 instead of 6. And even then I got halfway…

    • Zweischneid

      Sorry to hear.

      I guess it is something to buy for nostalgia first and foremost, not for the “game itself”.

      How long did it take you to get through it?

      • Chris

        Not sure, played it off and on from when it came out till the weekend. The problem is it is a slog to get to the final level as you do need to have one or more at level 5 with the rest at level 4 and some good equipment. And getting that isn’t fun it is just repetitive. The final quest is fun though with all of a sudden exciting things like the roof falling in, being stripped of your equipment for an encounter and so on, sadly you have to do it 3 times and it is the same each time.

        And it would be easy to make challenging too. Stop creating snotling encounters for experienced heroes for a start… You need to have a random encounter happen if you spend a 2 turns not triggering the next area and you need the random encounters to get harder every time they happen to create a time pressure. When you have a game that gives you bags of healing spells you don’t need you know it is a bit easy…

        • Zweischneid

          All right.

          Thanks for the quick-summary!