Whispers On The New Space Marines Chapter Tactics

Space Marines Chapter Tactics

On thing I noticed over the past weekend, as image by image the first views of the new Space Marines came in, was people wondering who and for what reason would drip-feed a leak like this? If somebody had an early White Dwarf, surely they’d either post nothing or as much as possible?

Tinfoil hats went up everywhere!

That’s not going to stop, it seems, as new the rules from the new Codex appear to be leaking onto the interwebs. Rules that could not have come from the White Dwarf.

That said, I would personally remain suspicious. Despite the quality pictures we have, rumours on rules have (thus far) been wrong more often than right (from what we can know).

With all the caveats in place, here’s the latest set of rumours. Many thanks for the guys over at Blue Table Painting for collecting them!

Rumoured Space Marines Chapter Tactics

  • Raven Guard have Stealth, may use jump packs in movement AND assault phase.
  • Imperial Fists reroll ’1s’ to hit with standard bolters (Bolter Drill). Devatators/Centurions have Tank Hunters and +1 on the building damage table.
  • Salamanders reroll failed to-wounds with flame weapons, and failed armor penetration rolls versus vehicles. Characters gain a free master crafted weapon. Vulkan is the only way to grant twin-linked meltas.
  • Black Templars have Chapter Tactics options instead of Vows. The Emperor’s Champion is an HQ choice for them only and chooses from either (reroll failed to-hits plus rending in challenges), or (gain Adamantium Will plus Crusader). No Librarians allowed.
  • Ultramarines choose from one of the following donctrines:

a) Tactical – Re-roll ones, unless they’re Tactical marines and they re-roll all shooting failed to hits.

b) Assault – Re-roll charge distance, unless they’re Assault squads, Bikes, Attack bikes who gain Fleet.

c) Devstator – Re-roll on snap shots and overwatch, unless they’re Devastators who gain Relentless (except when disembarking).

  • White Scars bike equipped Captain makes 1 bike squad troops
  • Successor Chapter use the Chapter Tactics of their Founding Chapter. Many Successor Chapters are listed by name.

Only 6? I suppose Iron Hands aren’t worth leaking!

Space Marine Special Characters Rumours

  • Marneus Calgar may take 3 Warlord Traits and is pricier.
  • Korsarro Khan grants Scout to mounted troops and bikes. He inflicts D3 Hammer of Wrath hits.
  • Kayvan Shrike may Infiltrate with Jumppack units.
  • Emperor’s Champion equipped with AP:2 sword, armor is 2+/4+i
  • High-Marshal Helbrecht grants Hatred and Fleet to Black Templars in the Assault phase once per game.
  • Lysander returns with Eternal Warrior, Units in 12″ re-roll on morale and pinning test.
  • Grimaldus Grants Zealot to his unit.
  • Several Named Characters retain USRs that affect their entire army.

Nothing much surprising there. A Shrike no longer being able to infiltrate Terminators was probably to be expected.

Personally, I would’ve loved some information on Tigurius, as Librarians arguably underwent the largest changes from 5th Edition to 6th Edition.

Rumoured Space Marines Unit Changes

  • Chaplains are HQ , W:2, A:2 and grant Zealot.
  • Master of the Forge gains It Will Not Die
  • Scouts drop 2 points, can take LS Storm as a dedicated transport.
  • Tacticals drop 2 points.
  • Devastators drop 2 points.
  • Sternguard drop 3 points.
  • Vanguard drop 1 point, jumppack option drops 7 points.
  • Honour guard are cheaper.
  • SM Bikes drop 4 points.
  • Hunter/Stalker re both armed with s:7 weapons (Stalker heavy4, Hunter heavy1). The Hunter’s weapon is AP:2 Armorbane.
  • Command Squads may take bikes, and a bike-equipped Commander makes a SM Biker unit troops.
  • Crusader Squads may take 2 power weapons per squad. Costed and equipped as Tacticals as standard. May swap out for BP/CCW for free. Max size 10 Initiates and 10 Neophytes.
  • Centurions WS4 BS4 S5 T5 W2 I4 Ld8/9 Sv2, Squad size 3-6, each costed as a Predator.

Once more, most of these were to be expected. If the point-drops are in-line with the reduced costs for Space Marines in the Dark Angels Codex, a lot of these savings may be lost again by fewer “free” specialist/heavy weapons and upgrades for units of a certain size.

Grav Weapons and Chapter Relics

  • 6 new Chapter Relics
  • Grav Weapons have Concussive

Six new Chapter Relics? Sounds great. Sorry Iron Hands, but you know you who won’t get one!

Concussive? Hmmm. Looks like Grav Weapons will be regular ol’ guns for most of the game (i.e. shooting at anything with only 1 wound). Given how widespread they are, that may be for the best.


Lots of food for thought there!

Do you like what you’re seeing? Do you believe what you are reading?

Leave a comment and let me know!




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  • belverker

    is it just me or is the tactical option for ultramarines just better then the imperial fist first part and probably better overall…
    But that sort of set up seems right, of just for the fact that it is something they easily could have done with chaos space marines but chose not to. ;-)

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      Yup. Ultramarines look pretty strong (if these are spot-on).

      • Bradley Smith

        If that’s correct, Matt Ward is just hopping in glee

        • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

          Is he?

          If memory serves me correctly, Mat Ward was the first to take the Graham McNeil Ultramarine-Fan-Dex that was 4th Edition Space Marines Codex and actually dared introduce things like .. dunno .. Salamanders or White Scars to a Space Marine Codex.

          These guys would’ve NEVER been included in a regular Space Marine Codex if Mat Ward hadn’t had the balls to go against GW-establishment and force it.

          Not to mention that he filed off the serial numbers from all Ultramarine-specific units, like Tyranid War Veteran or Calgar’s Honour Guard and turned them into generic “Sternguard” and “Honour Guard” for all non-Ultramarine Chapters to use at will.

  • ben

    the “reroll all shooting to hit” for ultramarines tacticals and relentless for devastators leads me to believe that these rumors aren’t the real deal. even GW wouldn’t do something as unbalanced as that.

    • Bradley Smith

      This IS Matt Ward’s favourite army, I’m suuure they might let a feeew things slide… It is an Ultramarine outside the HQ building, after all.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/9360674@N04/sets/72157600510023664/ BrassScorpion

    Sounds like fun to me and the new models overall are really good. As usual, it’s the recent prices that are the big negative for most buyers.

    By the way, Games Workshop featured a ton of my super-heavy tank photos on their website today: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/wnt/blog.jsp?pid=10400082-gws