Carnevale Kickstarter To Be Cancelled

Carnevale Kickstarter Campaign

Some very disappointed news. Vesper-On Game have released an update that they will stop the current Kickstarter campaign for the 1st expansion for Carnevale: Fangs and Crosses.

For whatever reasons however, their Kickstarter failed to catch the attention of a larger crowd willing to invest.

Kickstarter Update from Vesper-On Game

Dear backers,

It is a fact that the actual trend of this Kickstarter campaign is not taking us in the direction we expected to go. That is a really hard bullet to bite. We sure made a few mistakes at presenting this project to the world. Maybe we should have aimed straight to the £17,000 for the printed book, which at the end of the day is what we all really wanted to see. Maybe we could have done this in a different currency. Maybe the stretch goals… Maybe. But we didn’t, and for whatever reason this is not working.

We are going to stop this campaign. We will need to take a step back and rethink our strategy. We will not re-launch this project with another Kickstarter campaign, at least not right away. Carnevale proved many times that it is a successful concept, and that has a lot of people willing to invest in it. So we will need to find a new way to make Fangs and Crosses happen… and we will keep you posted on that. But please give us some room and some time to make it right this time.

In any case we are trying to take all the best we can out of this situation. This has been a huge humbling learning experience. We are EXTREMELY grateful to all of you willing to trust us with your money. We all make big leaps of faith when we take part in crowdfunding campaigns, both as backers and as entrepreneurs, and we can’t be thankful enough with all of you guys for your faith in us. We feel really proud of that. Thank you.

We will close this Campaign, but we will still leave it alive for a couple of days so you can all contribute with your comments if you feel like it (We’re not sure if that’s doable once we cancel this). We always take pride on listening to our fanbase, and we’re sure we will learn a lot from your thoughts and your comments.

Again, thanks a lot for your support. We will be around, and we will meet in the streets of Venice very soon.


I haven’t been blogging about, or personally following, games and miniatures on Kickstarter as much as I used to. Carnevale, however, was always a game I had an eye on and it was great to see their plans on expanding the game.

For whatever reason, that wasn’t enough. A pity. On the other hand, one of the advantages the Kickstarter-format presents is – after all – that companies/entrepreneurs and test the waters for the demand of a product before they produce it.

Either way, good luck to the people of Vesper-On Games. I hope they stick with it and that we’ll see Fangs and Crosses one day.




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    Another boring dark weird steam punk skirmish game. Ugh, yuck.

    When I went to a promo for it that was near me one day they were handing out free models. Mine was a midget exposing his butt cheeks holding a small wooden stick. Nice way to insult your potential customers.

    It won’t ever thrive because it has no appeal and that is absolutely vital in this business – few wargames get a strong following in most places. The only popular things other than GW’s is Warmahordes, Infinity and maybe Malifaux. Drop zone Commander is on the way up.

    The models look naff and crappy, the setting is boring and and far too unappetising to a large audience for it to take off.

    • Zweischneid

      Well, X-Wing has replaced Warmahordes as No. 2 in 2012 and is fairly new too.

      And while you may not like the models / the setting, narrowing it down to the Top 5 games or so, as you did, somewhat fails to explain why there have been dozens of highly successful Kickstarters out there, many of them with settings I found utterly without any appeal (for me personally) as well.