DreadBall Big Guys

DreadBall Multihex Figures

One by one, we’re getting more insights into one of DreadBall’s (literally) largest remaining mysteries: the multi-hex players. During the Deadzone Kickstarter, Mantic showed off some of their new-found skills with digital sculpts by releasing renders of the DreadBall Mech.

An armed variant, I believe, will be made for Deadzone (and Warpath) as well.

Now, DreadBall (and Deadzone) Game Designer Jake Thornton seems to have sneaked a few early design stage miniatures of the Alpha Simian and the Nameless Spawn out from Mantic Games, showing them off over at Quirkworthy.

#1 – The DreadBall Alpha Simian

DreadBall Alpha Simian Front

DreadBall Alpha Simian Reach

More pictures of the Alpha Simian on Quirkworthy.

#2 – DreadBall Nameless Spawn

DreadBall Nameless Spawn

DreadBall Nameless Tentacle Spawn

More pictures of the Nameless Spawn on Quirkworthy.


Pretty impressive miniatures there. I still struggle to fathom how multi-hex players will work in DreadBall, though Jake Thornton will no doubt have some surprises up his sleeve.

Either way, it’ll look cool having some of those big guys sitting on the pitch!

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