Eldar Codex Available for Android and Kindle

Games Workshop’s decision to publish it’s Warhammer 40K Codex books (and Warhammer Fantasy Army books) as eBooks is still a fairly new one, all things considered.

Thus far, GW’s eBook publications (as opposed to Black Library’s eBook publications) have been limited to publications for Apple devices, notably the iPad.

Eldar Codex on the Kindle

Now, Games Workshop expanded the range of devices you can read your Codex on. The Eldar Codex is now available for Android and Kindle. Curiously enough, these eBook-formats of the Codex are published through Black Library.

Perhaps, the odd recent “Codex-extract” publications by Black Library were, partly, a test for this.

If you give a non-Apple eBook-version of the Codex a try, let me know what you think of it!




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  • derekkinsman

    Once they release the WHFB codices I’ll let you know.

  • John Desalvo

    Is this an electronic version of the paper product or is this the enhanced version that is available on the iPad with the 360 deg viewing and all the added stuff that is supposedly in that version?

    • belverker

      just a standard ebook with no enhancesments, hence the reason it is cheaper