Emperor’s Children Palatine Blades by Forge World

It’s this day of the week! Friday is here and Forge World unveils a new set of miniatures, most notably the Horus Heresy era Emperor’s Children Palatine Blades!

Have a look.

#1 – Emperor’s Children Palatine Blades

A warrior fraternity drawn from the finest swordsmen of the IIIrd Legion, the Palatine Blades existed outside of the rigid formations of the Emperor’s Children. They were a duelling society to whose ranks many aspired, and upon whom Fulgrim himself looked with particular favour.

Forge World Horus Heresy Palatine Blades
Emperor's Children Palatine Blades by Forge World

#2 – Legion Destroyers

The jump pack, common amongst Space Marine Assault squads, is sometimes utilised by Destroyer squads. The increased mobility they provide enables the Destroyers to deploy more rapidly into battlefield positions, unleashing their destructive arsenal upon the foe.

Forge World Space Marines Legion Destroyers

Also new are the Space Marine Legion Destroyers with Jump Packs. Legion Destroyers were released quite a while ago, so I believe this is merely a new package with Jump Packs included.

Likewise, there are new bundles available that package Forge World’s variant Terminator marines with Power Axes or Power Fists.

#3 – Thoughts?

Let me know what you think of Forge World’s latest addition to the Space Marine Legions!




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  • Martin Jørgensen

    The palantine blades are sooooo gorgeous. And versatile. They can be used as vanguard vets, command and honor guard squads.

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      true. Though I don’t think their iconography works well for most chapters.

      You can file it off, but that be a crime too, in many ways ;)