Games Workshop’s Tau Empire Teaser Trailer

Games Workshop YouTube teasers for new releases tend to be very minimalist affairs.

That said, I think their recent outing isn’t all bad. The Tau Teaser was posted on Games Workshop’s blog today. I quite like it. Unlike previous teasers, it actual seems to use the new models, if obscured by smoke and other effects, to tease the upcoming Tau Empires release.

#1 – Tau Teaser Screenshot

Warhammer 40K Tau Teaser Riptide


#2 – Tau Teaser Video

What do you think of Games Workshop’s latest Warhammer 40K teaser?

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  • PoweredPlay Gaming

    Interesting to see what’s missing from the ForgeWorld shop now. Twinlinked Railguns for Hammerheads, or Broadside conversion kits. A couple of fliers are gone, as well as variants of the Tetras. But a lot of it looks like it’s going to be perfect to run LEDs!

    • Zweischneid

      Well, removing Broadsides makes sense.

      Tetras.. dunno. Nothing I’ve heard from the rumors seems to indicate a kit along those lines. Odd.