Unboxing – Valdis the Witch from Norsgard

valdis the witch

Christmas last year, I was one of the lucky few to win a miniature of Valdis the Witch in Norsgard’s Facebook naming competition. This week, the postman came knocking with a package from Poland. Inside, of course, a brand new blister with Valdis the Witch from Norsgard.

Many, many thanks again to the awesome guys from Norsgard!

With the weekend at hand, I finally had time to tear open the blister and get a good look at my very first Norsgard miniature. Good stuff, so read on!

#1 – Contents of the Box (or the Blister, actually)

Norsgard Valdis the Witch Box Contents

Valdis the Witch from Norsgard – Contents of the Box

This is the contents of the blister delivered to my door from Norsgard.

  1. A full colour stat-card (~ 2 1/2 inch by 3 1/2 inch)
  2. A round based identical to those you get from Privateer Press
  3. A skull/rip-cage-sort sculpted base-insert
  4. Valdis herself in three parts: (1) miniature, (2) spear and (3) hair

#2 – First Impressions

I really enjoyed breaking out the miniature and looking at it. This is a wicked, quality product.

To start with the stat-card: It’s a high-quality card-stock and feels re-reassuringly solid. I wouldn’t be worried about this card flaying apart, even during “normal” gaming-use. Much better (in my opinion) than, for example, the cards that came with DreadBall.

The miniature itself is ace. There is practically no flash whatsoever. The thin spear will need minor warm-water bending, but that is to be expected. The details are very crisp. Definitely 5 stars.

The only (minor) thing irritating me was the skull/rip-cage thing that Valdis herself stands upon.

#3- The Skull-Base Insert

Norsgard Valdis the Witch

Valdis the Witch “skull base”

First off, that thing is awesome. Also, it is of entirely a bonus to the miniature. If Norsgard would’ve made the Witch without this sculpted base, I would’ve been just as happy. Having it is great. Nothing like a nice necromantic mini-diorama-base to help your witch rise above the rabble!

However, there is (I think) some miscasting right where Valids is supposed to stand on (left in the pic below). At first, I thought it was flash, but it doesn’t really follow the curves of the bones/rip-cage.

It looks to me a bit as if the mold did not fill properly there.

Valids the Witch

Valdis the Witch sculpted base

Nothing some green-stuff couldn’t fix. Even more so, as it is the very spot Valdis stands on anyhow.

#4 – Valdis the Miniature

The miniature itself is flawless, however.

Norsgard Miniatures vs. Kingdom Death Miniatures

Norsgard’s Valdis & Kingdom Death’s Twilight Pin-up

Valids is nearly as large as a Kingdom Death miniature. With the added base, she’ll likely tower high over .. say .. Warhammer Fantasy miniatures. And while Valdis isn’t digitally sculpted (unlike Kingdom Death), the details are probably as close as you could get.

In some directly comparable details (such as the embellishments on the ladies’ top or bra), Kingdom Death’s digital/3D-printed sculpt manages to produce finer lines than the Norsgard one.

The Norsgard’s sculpt is clearly up there. The ornaments on Valdis’ boots and skirt are impressive.

#5 – Norsgard’s next Naming Competition

In conclusion, if you like quality resin fantasy miniatures, you really should give Norsgard a try.

Even better, as Norsgard build and expand their universe, they keep going to their fans for feedback and inspiration. In fact, Norsgard recently announced that they will be running another naming competition, similar to the one I won (as runner up) for Valids the Witch.

Norsgard Naming Competition

Another Norsgard Miniature looking for a Name

If you have some ideas on how the impressive warrioress above might be named, stay peeled to Norsgard’s Facebook page.

Let me know if you win a Norsgard competition!




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  • phf

    No comment regarding the bendy staff? I guess we can all see it, but is that acceptable?

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      I think I noted it under #2 – First Impressions

      “The thin spear will need minor warm-water bending, but that is to be expected.”

      I don’t consider it a major issue for a Resin miniature, as it’s an easy one to fix. I could be wrong though.