Pics of Dark Elves Wave 2 – Dark Riders & Executioners

The Second WaveThe new Warhammer Dark Elves have been revealed by Games Workshop. It appears, however, as if the miniatures revealed so far aren’t the whole story. A second wave of miniatures is coming, and (apparently) it’s coming next month.

#1 – Games Workshop Releases in 2013

Games Workshop has had a very busy year. Just look at the stuff they released thus far!

  • January 2013 – Dark Angels
  • February 2013 – Warriors of Chaos
  • March 2013 – Chaos Daemons
  • April 2013 – Tau Empire
  • May 2013 – High Elves
  • June 2013 – Craftworld Eldar
  • July 2013 – Apocalypse 40K
  • August 2013 – Lizardmen
  • September 2013 – Space Marines
  • October 2013 – Dark Elves
  • November 2013 – More Dark Elves?

Of course, a defining feature of this years releases – next to the insane schedule – was that all the releases were “1-wave” releases. That is, there was usually a Codex or Army book, and some 5 to 7 new boxes/blisters/clampacks, and off it was to the next army-update.

That, of course, was a very different approach to previous years, where some armies, such as Dark Eldar or Necrons, received a new Codex and far more miniature releases, spread over several “waves” a few month apart.

#2 – Dark Elves – the Second Wave

It appears that Dark Elves are a cautious return to “larger” releases with more miniatures, though the second wave seems to follow right on the heels of the first one we’ve seen today.

Via Dark Elves on Facebook!

Executioners, black guard, dark riders and chariot of the dark elves. confirmed will be renewed in November.

Indeed, it appears the second wave of miniatures can be glimpsed in the iProducts for the new Dark Elves. In the picture above – courtesy of Dark Elves – it is said the new Executioners can be seen in the red square and the Black Guard in the background of the black square.

Dark Elves Dark Riders

And in this picture, it seems, we can see a glimpse of the Dark Elves Dark Riders!

#3 – Thoughts?

I suppose that pretty much seals the second wave of Dark Elves as a fact. And since most rumours claim they’ll arrive next month, I’ll run with that until proven otherwise.

What do you think?

  • Looking forward to another release-wave of Dark Elves?
  • Looking forward to two months of Dark Elves?
  • Do you think Dark Elves will have the “share” next month with something else?

Let me hear your thoughts and share a comment!




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  • wolves in arms

    i think there will have to be something else to go along with the second dark elves release may be even some sisters of battle they just got a codex

    • Zweischneid

      From your lips to Tom Kirby’s ears… but I doubt it.



    • Zweischneid

      I believe the rumours say January.

      And even at that, they are (of course) still only rumours