Games Workshop’s UK Games Day 2013 Cut To Size

Games Workshop UK Games Day 2013

Summer is coming in fast all across Europe, even the UK (believe it or not!). Games Workshop’s Games Days all around the world are drawing closer.

A few bits about the UK Games Day in September have been published via the Facebook page of Games Workshop: Maidstone. It seems that Games Workshop’s efforts to downsize the Games Day events around the world won’t spare the UK Games Day either.

Downsizing the UK Games Day 2013

Here is what the Facebook announcement said:

This years Games Day is limited to Only 4,000 tickets instead of the normal 8,000 and with this in mind, I want to let you all know that it will be first come first served.
I would ask that all of you who want a ticket turn up at my store on SATURDAY 29TH JUNE at 9.30 so as to ensure you get your ticket any questions please either leave here or phone up the store or see me at the club tonight. Be seeing you

Exclusivity First?

From what I remember from last year’s Games Day, Games Workshop seemed to have no problem selling out their tickets in Birmingham. The only reason I can think of for downsizing the event, is GW again making a push for exclusivity in most things they do these days.

Moreover, for all the “fake” or construed rarity of most of Games Workshop’s limited edition stuff, this years Games Day – the (yet to be revealed) parting gift from Games Workshop’s long-time sculptor Juan Diaz – could well turn out to be a very genuine collectors item.


Is a smaller Games Day good or bad?

To be honest, fewer people inside could make for a better event. Last year’s UK Games Day was a rather loud and tumultuous event. Fun, but hard to have fun gaming, attending seminars with Black Library authors, etc.. when anything and everything is crammed with more people than is sensible.

On the other side, that will hardly be a comfort to the people left outside. If 8000+ people wanted to get in last year, many will be disappointed for missing the event this year.

Finally, the shady market for second-hand tickets probably isn’t going to be pretty either.

What do you think (especially, but not only if you’re living in the UK)?

  • Is a smaller Games Day a better Games Day?
  • Will you try to score a ticket?
  • Would you for a larger “old” Games Day?

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  • Manipled Mutineer

    Not wishing to seem mean, but as an non-gaming parent it is a bit fiscally painful that they have dispensed with the parent tickets this year..

    • Zweischneid

      Did they?

      See, I didn’t even know that. But yes, that seems to somewhat go against their idea of trying to get the young ones in.