Forge World’s Red Butchers of the World Eater Legion

Forge World World Eater Legion Red Butchers

Forge World releases another addition to the Horus Heresy line of Space Marine miniatures: the World Eater Red Butchers.

Great, choppy Terminators that would make an awesome stand-in for Lighting-Claw Assault Terminators, if you still field them. Interesting fluff too, which reminds me a lot of the old Chaos Space Marine Dreadnoughts!

#1 – New Red Butcher Miniatures

Forge World Red Butchers Space Marines

On the killing ground of Isstvan III, there were World Eaters on either side of the conflict who succumbed utterly, devolving into mindless frenzied savages that could not be controlled. Rather than ‘putting down’ such individuals as had happened in the past, the Apothecaries had the mad subdued and chained for a far darker fate.

The Techmarines made customised Terminator suits from recovered wargear for them, fashioning them as both armour and as confinement; mechanised prison cells that could be immobilised with a remote signal. Hung in chains in the holds of the World Eaters warships, foaming and screaming in impotent rage, the Red Butchers were born.

Red Butchers large pictures

#2 – Thoughts?

Anyone still remember the old lore for Chaos Space Marine Dreadnoughts…. caged inside ancient combat-armour, driven insane and kept caged until released upon the battlefield to wreck havoc.These guys are kinda like that.. except in smaller armour! No?

That aside, I do like them. Definitely some of the more unique and nicer Horus Heresy Space Marines Legions miniatures released. Not a lot of ornaments, cool helmets. I like them! Five of them will set you back £45.00.

What do you think?




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  • belverker

    That is still the lore for the hellbrutes isn’t it?…love these models and am thinking of picking them up…some really great poses

    • Zweischneid

      Kind off. Hellbrutes are essentially the “old” Chaos Dreads, where Maschine and Flesh have started to meld into each other forming a strange whole, similar to how the Heldrake supposedly were once Chaos Flyers, but “merged” and now they’re one “living” machine-thing.

      • belverker

        yeah I know that ;-) I meant in so far as they are chained up when not in use, hence the crazed rule, plus the model has the chains around its ankles.

        • Zweischneid

          Yeah. You’re probably right. Than again, they need old-fashioned chains ;) No remote-controlled “off”-button for the armour…

    • Zweischneid

      Funny enough, seems to be the poses people hate more than the paint-job (or I just might be looking in the wrong corners)

      • KJensen

        The concept is cool and the sculpting is great, but I definitely don’t dig the poses. They look less menacing and more “just flailing randomly” with their arms.

        As for the paint job, the models themselves are great but the bases look pretty amateurish. The neon green grass does nothing for the model – it’d probably have looked a lot better with less grass and more gravel, or with more muted colored grass like dark green (for a nicer, more subtle contrast with the red on the model) or a brown grass type.

  • Yggdrasil

    Yeah, all their Legion-specific units have a lot of character, and great models to boot ! Coming a bit too fast to keep up though :) (but we GW-addicts are never happy lol) !

  • belverker

    is it just me or is the paint job on these below the usual forgeworld standard? looks very flat

    • Zweischneid

      Looks all right to me. Nothing fancy, to be sure, but that seems to be part of the appeal with these.

    • DarkStarSabre

      To be fair Forgeworld don’t have a ‘standard’. Painted models tend to be staff’s own so mileage may vary depending on staff member in question.