Wrath of Kings Teaser Trailer by CoolMiniOrNot

CoolMiniOrNot released a Teaser for their Fantasy Wargame Wrath of Kings. Wrath of Kings miniatures have been available at CMON’s webstore for ages. Likewise, the Wrath of Kings test-rules (link to pdf) have been out for a while. Now the Kickstarter is confirmed for August 2013.

Judging by the fact that CMON’s already starting to build momentum for this games with, not least, this teaser, I believe they’re aiming to make this a big one.

Wrath of Kings YouTube Teaser

The Five Factions in Wrath of Kings

The Wrath of King website previews the five factions. They seem to fill a variety of common stereotypes; but they do so quite nicely I believe.

Wrath of Kings TeknesTeknes are the future. Only they understand that the Ancient King failed; He freed humanity from elemental servitude only to see them willing submit to aloof celestial gods. No more. House Teknes will use their strange magics and powerful machinery to truly free humanity, whatever the cost.
Wrath of Kings HadrossHadross is the instrument of Fate. The Deep Gods have revealed the end of this world, and Scion King Hadross’s entire nation is dedicated to bring about this vision. In the world to come, his people rule all that is, so now they move to destroy all they do not rule.
Wrath of Kings AkrianaArikania belongs to Nasier by right. Through great power and control of bound elemental lords, the Ancient King`s eldest son still lives and directs the continent`s largest nation. The Everthrone is his by blood, and all the world will bow to him or burn.
Shael HanHouse Shael Han is the light at the end of the world. Youngest of the Scions, Shael Han saw her brothers wreck their father’s work, and she swore to see His grand design completed. This her House has dutifully done, and woe to any who try to stop them.
House GoritsiThe Goritsi are the night. Long ago, Scion King Goritsi hunted ancient monsters, but when treachery brought him low, he bargained away his humanity and embraced them. Now those blessed by his blood creep among the shadows, and they shall teach the world to fear the night.

Wrath of Kings: The World of Akriana

Arikania is a land marked by magic and scarred by unbounded ambition.

House Akriana FigureHere the elemental lords walked free, unfettered, and not even the gods could stop them. Here magic flowed like water, and mortals became pawns in arcane schemes. Here the drive for glory, the lust for power, the desire for mastery tore down mountains, obliterated nations, and kept humanity in servitude to supernatural overlords for over one hundred generations.

Then came the Ancient King.

Wielding a power not seen since the most ancient days, He came from the wilderness, cast the elemental lords beyond the bounds of the world, and conquered all of Arikania. For the first time, humanity held its destiny completely in its hands but not without great cost. Through the centuries, the Ancient King passed on this new age of opportunity to His children, granting each a kingdom within his Ancient Kingdom. Each Scion Kingdom became a reflection of its ruler, a culture founded upon his or her ideals and beliefs. The Scion Kings inherited their father’s longevity, power, and intellect, but sadly lacked His wisdom.

Wrath of Kings GoritsiAs each scion turned inward, however, he or she lost sight of their commonality. As the bonds of history and family weakened against the rise of ambition and power, the Ancient King’s heirs became distrustful and isolated. They saw each other as opponents for their father’s throne, rather than allies in preserving his Kingdom. They became so consumed with their own dreams of empire that they failed to see their father dying.

Wrath of Kings Shael HanDrained from aiding the world and empowering his children, the the Ancient King faded quickly and died suddenly. Within hours, the capital and palace were burning. The Scions Kings and their followers turned on one another like dogs fighting over the scraps of a meal. Each sought to raise Arikania to new glories, to rebuild the Ancient Kingdom in their own image, however twisted that may be. The violence and blasphemy of the Five Kingdom’s Era—this fallen age—has lasted for over three hundred and fifty years.

The five Scion Kingdoms, like their founders, have very different views of what Arikania should be, and they have mastered different forms of technology and magic in their pursuit of victory. Each nation, lead by the scion’s noble house at its heart, will change Arikania forever – if they do not destroy it in the process.

The Wrath of King Miniatures

The Wrath of Kings factions and background sound engaging and diverse. Their style varies widely, ranging from the mundane to the bizarre. Judge for yourself:

House Teknes House Hadross House Nasier


Even though I am doubtless something of a Kickstarter-addict, I’ve given CMON-Kickstarters the pass so far. To me – personally – they always seemed less interesting than the alternatives.

That said, if there is one thing I miss in the wargaming-world out there, it’s a fun, engaging and fast-to-play fantasy-themed skirmish game. Many have tried, only to go bankrupt one way or another.

Could CMON pull it off?

If they don’t bury Wrath of Kings under Penny-Arcade and not-Samuel L. Jackson joke-sculpts, and play it reasonably straight, I believe CoolMiniOrNot might have something genuinely interesting in the making with Wrath of Kings.

What do you think?




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