Pictures of the Apocalypse 40K Space Marines

With barely a week to go until Games Workshop unveils their new version of Apocalypse 40K, a few pictures of the new miniatures have arrived via Reddit. Once again, the original source appears to be the Chinese search engine Baidu.

Have a look at these four Space Marines


I find it highly surprising, that these are mainly (indeed, so far, only) characters.

Obviously, there will be some big kits: Both because Games Workshop rarely does a releases these days without them and because we’ve had a glimpse of the Chaos Space Marines Lord of Battle (?) from the upcoming White Dwarf cover and the grainy pic of a Necron Megalith (?).

Yet I am truly intrigued on how these characters will fit into the rules, and how Apocalypse 40K in Warhammer 40K 6th Edition will incorporate, perhaps even depend on these characters as lynchpins for an Apocalypse army.

What do you think?

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