Amazing Tau Diorama from Germany’s Golden Vinci 2013

Last week, a miniature painting competition was held in Germany, the Golden Vinci 2013.

Lots of awesome miniatures. Lots of deserving winners.

To me – judging less the painting quality (for which I would not be qualified), but more the pure awesomeness of the overall composition – one piece in particular stood out. The Imperial Command / Tau Diorama by Patrick Kaiser, which made 2nd place in the Open Category.

Have a look!

The Golden Vinci 2013

On Thursday we met and made ​​the judges work for the Golden Vinci. This year there were an incredible number of greatentries here, which has not made it easy for us to make our decisions. There where many good entries but not all can win a Vinci, But you are all winners! Perhaps no Vinci but you have won experience the courage or even won against the inner demon, who knows that so exactly * g *.

All participants, we express our heartfelt thanks. 
Congratulations to all the winners!

Patrick Kaiser’s Imperial & Tau Diorama

Warhammer 40K Tau Diorama
Warhammer 40K Tau Diorama 2

Warhammer 40K Imperial Tau Diorama Germany

Warhammer 40K Tau Stealth Suit Diorama






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  • belverker

    it is a very nice diorama. very well thought out.

  • Warrior Warlock

    A wonderful diorama, the camo’d tau just ake the cake. Would have loved it more if the colonel would have held a mug of coffee in his right hand instead of a blue gleaming sword. But really it is a deserved winner.

  • peeyou

    Loving the detail on the field map and all around. Agree that the blue gleaming sword is a bit out of place and a tin mug of coffee would have been a great touch.

    The guardsmen look a bit unnatural at stand-by.

    What really does it for me is the Tau stealth suit blending in, looking at the rat that is clearly not deceived by the camo.

  • luke worthington

    absoloutly amazing!

  • David

    My favorite part is the stealth suit in the tunnel. You can barely see the suit. The only part really visible is the barrel, but it looks great!