DreadBall Season 3 Multi-Hex Monsters Revealed

Mantic’s DreadBall Season 3 will introduce larger, multi-hex players to DreadBall. Glimpses of them have been around for some time, not least on Mantic’s GenCon display.

Now Mantic Games updated their Kickstarter with images of the big guys (Why do Kickstarter backers get to see them only after GenCon visitors? Shouldn’t people who funded them be the first to see what their money helped realize?).

Anyhow, have a look!

#1 – Alpha Simian

DreadBall Alpha Simian

The Alpha Simian is the miniature I find most disappointing. The unpainted (and oddly angled) preview that appeared a few months ago had me rather excited. However, I am not really getting the “King Kong-vibe” from the professional shot. It might be the odd blue paint-job though.

#2 – Barricade

DreadBall Barricade

Barricade, likewise, isn’t a miniature that gets me greatly excited. Unlike the Alpha Simian, I never expected it would be, as I already though the concept art from the Kickstarter was rather silly.

#3 – DreadBall Mech

DreadBall Mech

After all the griping about the miniatures I am not awed by, this one certainly makes up for it. Love the Mech! It is probably the first big player I’d put on the pitch. Digital sculpting, presumably, helped Mantic a lot with getting the mechanical look right.

#4 – Nameless Spawn

DreadBall Season 3 Nameless Spawn

Cthulhu playing DreadBall? Hell yeah!

#5 – Dozer MVP

DreadBall Dozer Teraton MvP

Last but not least, the Teraton MVP Dozer. This one is an unexpected addition to the ranks of multi-hex DreadBall players. Dozer wasn’t initially planned as a multi-hex “big guy”, or at least not announced as such. Somewhere along the design process however, he obviously morphed from a “Buzzcut-sized” big guy to a “Dreadball-Mech-sized” big guy.

He’s still a race-specific MVP however, I hear, and won’t be available to all teams like the other multi-hex players. A pity, as this is also a sculpt I really like!

#6 – Thoughts?

So for me that’s two somewhat disappointing minis (Alpha Simian and Barricade), two nice ones (Mech and Spawn) and a nice surprise with the Teraton MVP.

I wasn’t much impressed with the first draft of Teraton rules Mantic games showed (“Public Beta-test” was, I thought, a far to grand name for it, as there never was a testing-process, where the public could see feedback integrated into the rules through multiple steps of rules-refinement).

Still, the Teraton sculpts are clearly one of the highlights of Season 3.

What do you think?

Do you like the DreadBall Big Guys? Which one is your favourite? Which one do you like the least?

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  • belverker

    their models still aren’t very inspiring…don’t know i just can’t seem to get excited for mantics models, doesn’t fill me with too much hope about their mars attacks game that is heading to kickstarter (don’t get me started on this) in october, i love the mars attacks ip but am worried with mantic doing the game…
    But these models the monkey one is very poor, but i kind of like the 3 wheeled one, at least it is fairly unique

  • Patrick

    I like the alpha simian. He’s got that half noble, half bored look you see in the zoo :)