Dropzone Commander Unit Previews

Games Workshop aren’t the only ones running a little pre-Christmas advent calendar.

Hawk Wargames – the minds behind Dropzone Commander – are doing one as well, releasing teaser-images for a host of new miniatures that will be revealed around Christmas.

I briefly dabbled in Dropzone Commander, though I admittedly haven’t played it since. The one thing that does keep my looking in its direction are clearly the cool miniature designs.

Have a look!

#1 – UCM – Weaponised Condor

Dropzone Commander Weaponized Condor

UCM preview. A weaponised Condor for the UCM with missile pods and railguns.

#2 – Shaltari – Anti-Grav Tank

Shaltari Anti-Grav Tank

Shaltari preview. A heavy skimmer for the Shaltari with long-range anti-tank weaponry.

 #4 – Sourge – Assault Dropship

Assault Dropship Scourge

#4 – PHR – Anti-Aircraft Skimmer

PHR Anti-Aircraft SKimmer

 PHR preview. A new Support choice anti-air skimmer for the PHR.

#5 – Thoughts

Plenty more renders on Hawk Wargames’ Facebook page, if these whetted your appetite.

I like the fact that Hawk Wargames appear to be mixing things up a bit – pure gunship flyers, heavy-duty Shaltari-tanks, etc…

If I found one thing odd about Dropzone Commander it was that it felt too symmetrical, too balanced, in ways that didn’t give the factions (especially the two human ones) the differentiation to truly “feel” like their own thing.

Hopefully a greater choice of (awesome-looking) units can break things up a bit.

What do you think of these concepts?

  • Do you play Dropzone Commander?
  • Would any of the concepts above (turned into miniatures) tempt you into the game?
  • Or do they leave you cold?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!




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  • belverker

    I like the design of the minis, but don’t like the rules or quality of the actual miniatures (though i haven’t seen the plastics) good to see them making new modelsthough

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      Curious. I only heard good things about the quality of their miniatures, and resin should be better casts than plastic (though more expensive).

      • belverker

        I have painted a PHR boxset for someone and there were bubbles everywhere and some very thin resin on the wings where it should have been thick, and a few of the people who play locally have complained about air bubbles, I also didn’t like the placement of some of the mold lines, may have just been a bad set, but that is all I have to go off…

        • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

          Fair enough. More than I have. I simply borrowed painted minis to try the game ;)