Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing – First Pictures

Wizkids is on a roll. Their Star Trek Attack Wing game, licensed from FFGs X-Wing Miniatures game (which in turn is arguably an unlicensed “homage” of Wings of Glory) was a massive success. Good enough for Wizkids to take the licensed game mechanics for another spin with a different bag of Heroclix miniatures: Dungeons & Dragons.

#1 – D&D Attack Wing Presentation @ GAMA Trade Show

First pictures are here… the first 3 via Crit to Hit.


#2 – D&D Attack Wing Miniatures

The second set of pics from the Facebook Star Trek Attack Wing Community via Tales of the Tabletop Skirmisher.


#3 – Thoughts?

Quite possibly a lot of this isn’t the final production stuff. Still, let me know what you think!


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