Pictures Of The New Tau Empire Special Characters!

As if on cue with the latest Games Workshop teaser video, more – and better – pictures for the upcoming Tau Empire release have appeared over on Freak Factory.

The new Tau Special Characters are no longer a speculation! The pics are here!

Have a look!

#1 – New Broadside Suits

Warhammer 40K Pictures New Tau Broadside

New Tau Broadside Suits (all plastic!)

#2 – Tau Bomber and Fighter

Two great shots of the new Tau Flyer kit, assembled both as bomber and flyer.

Warhammer 40K New Tau Flyer Bomber Picture

The new Tau Bomber

Warhammer 40K New Tau Flyer Fighter Build

And the alternative Fighter build…

#3 – New Tau Characters

Rumors were talking about Tau characters called Dark Strider and Long Strike. There’s three pics.

Warhammer 40K New Tau Miniatures Pictures

First, a “generic” commander?

Warhammer 40K Long Strike Character

The “tank-upgrade-character” Long Strike, I guess!

Warhammer 40K New Tau Empire Dark Strider Special Character

Tiny pic! I assume this must be Dark Strider!

#4 – Your Thoughts?

Now that better pictures are here, what do you think of the new Tau?

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  • Guest

    Havent seen one bad thing in this release, I’m getting it all!

  • Lord Zebulon

    Haven’t seen one bad thing for this release, I’m getting it all!

  • Warrior Warlock

    Imo. The characters look good, with characterfull expressions (no pun intended). I like the look of the generic commander. A little beefed up and pimped up like an ig commander.

    I love the new broadsides. But am still not a fan of the flyers, although i suspect they’d look better in a different colour scheme.

  • belverker

    Looks like the generic commander is plastic which is good. the other 2 look pretty good (though they look like Tau which hurts their appeal in my eyes…) nice release this one I think.

    • Zweischneid

      Well, if rumours are correct, these Fireblade (?) guys will be 1-3 per HQ-slot Wolfguard/Cryptek-style guys.

      Plastic would be nice, as you might want more than one in your army.

      Crypteks, however, show that GW doesn’t always do the smart move there.

      • belverker

        you can tell it is plastic by the base and the pose… (plus the fact that all the current books are getting at least 1, dark angels missed out because there were 3 in the starter set)

        • Mata

          That, and DAngels can still use the generic plastic space marine commander kit

      • belverker

        though to be fair Dark Strider looks like it could be plastic as well, but that would be a first, a standalone plastic special character

  • Azrell

    SOoooo not even the tau understand that you can still aim from inside the tank?

  • Azrell

    wait dont tau have hoofs like a horse? or do they grow extra toes when they are more important now?

    • The Warlock

      The hoofs are probably foot armour.

  • Timberwolf

    Well, the flyers are still ugly, and the plastic Broadsides are now the same price as the (still superior looking) Forgeworld variants…

    … and what’s with all the “Bling-Bling-Swag” decorations on that commander? I thought Tau were supposed to be understated and efficients first and foremost…

    • Zweischneid

      What “Bling-Bling-Swag”?

      He has a cloak. That’s it.

      Bonding Knifes are available in the current Codex too, and it’s explicitly described as “ceremonial”

      • Timberwolf

        Like I said: Tau were always described as understating and practical beings. Even their most revered characters aren’t all that decked out with stuff. A field commander, prancing around in cloak,bedecked with clasps with tau iconography just feels.. I don’t know, too flashy for me.Looks more like a Tau with a honorary rank in the Imperial Guard or something ceremonial (and I don’t think the Tau wear ceremonial armor into battle…)

        And if I remember, Bonding Knives are a lot smaller, they’re even a bit on the Fire Warrior sprue…that knife looks like he stole it from the Space Marine Scout sprue.

        … but, as I said, opinions differ. I was perfectly OK with the old, down-to-earth Tau.

        • Zweischneid

          Well, it likely isn’t “just” a regular ol’ Bonding Knife

          If Deathwing Terminators get upstaged by DW Knights and Raptors upstaged by Warp Talons, the new Tau Codex likely needs a Bonding-Knife-but-more-fancy.

          But a simple cloak with 1 (!) clasp showing the simple tau icon seems fairly minor. Any less, and you would barely have any visuals left at all to mark him out from a unit (and it still is a miniature-game, so visual distinctiveness is an important value in itself)