The Eldar Wraithknight Arrives – A Review!

The Eldar Wraithknight has arrived. Games Workshop seems to shoot for a slightly different visual style with their new range of Eldar Miniatures for Warhammer 40K 6th Edition.

Time for a first review! How do the new 6th Edition Eldar miniatures compare to the existing Eldar in Warhammer 40K? Read on!

#1 – A First Glimpse of the New Warhammer 40K Eldar

Eldar Wraithknight

#2 – A Brief Review of the Eldar Wraithknight

Seeing the new Eldar Wraithknight before me, I am quite surprised at the direction the design team took. Though the Wraithknight shares a lot of the visuals with the basic Eldar range, notably the gems and the helmet, it doesn’t really try to fit in with the Wraithlord and Wraithguard minis.

Compare the new visuals with the old Wraithlord, notably this one by the incomparable James Wappel.

Eldar Wraithknight

Eldar Wraithlord by James Wappel

The Eldar Wraithknight features

  • A much beefier chest and broader legs
  • A far smaller head, more reminiscent of the Eldar Guardians or Aspect Warriors
  • A rather odd “crotch-shield” instead of banners

#3 – How Large is the Wraithknight really?

Another interesting question the new Wraithknight raises: How large is this model? Does it scale up to the recent Tau Riptide? Or is it even larger?

If we assume they are on the same type of base, the Wraithknight could be quite a bit larger, even if we allow for some margin of error due to the different angle of the two pictures below.

Wraithknight vs. Riptide Size Comparison

Another pic to give you a sense of scale for the Eldar Wraithknight in relation to an Ulthwe army.

Ulthwe Craftworld Army with Wraithknight

#4 – Your Thoughts?

This is of course only an initial assessment. But it seems to be that the new Wraithknight will struggle to fit in with the existing line of Wraith-miniatures for the Eldar… unless of course they have also all been redesigned. That, however, seems doubtful to me.

What do you think of the new Eldar Wraithknight Miniature?

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