Warhammer 40K Apocalypse – White Dwarf July 2013!

The Eldar are only out this weekend. The June 2013 White Dwarf has been out for a week.

Somewhat prematurely, the cover of the July 2013 White Dwarf appeared on the interwebs. The cover previews a Khorne unit and promises news for Warhammer 40K Apocalypse.

Have a look!

#1 – Leaked July 2013 White Dwarf Cover

Games Workshop White Dwarf July 2013

#2 – Thoughts?


There are surely a lot of them. A lot!

What do you think?

Personally, I am still a bit busy digesting the news!




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I Always Knew These Things Were Big, Really Big, And Yet I Am In Awe http://t.co/ccn0rL8II0 - 46 mins ago
  • MagnusTheRed

    Holy moly I need that right now

  • Per Andersson

    That looks like a reinterpretation of the Lord of Battle.

  • sig

    Yeah looks like a lord of battle or a death dealer looks a bit silly imo

  • Ahriman

    Holy shit! A new Lord of Battle?

  • Sam

    Looks tragic to be honest. Really not a fan at all. Look at the Chaos artwork from Dark Vengeance. Then look at the models in the Dark Vengeance kit. Then look at the Hell-Turkey and this monstrosity. So disappointing.

  • Hive Senteniel

    I dont know how to feel about this model yet. It feels rushed. On a sidnote I hope tyranids get a little love (even if a Dex’ is to come in Jan)

  • belverker

    absolutely brilliant…am loving the recent chaos releases…they look how i always pictured chaos to look…

  • Dat one ork


  • Jonathan Arcaine Osborne

    They really need to fire the current Chaos designer he is really doing a hash job on ALL the new chaos miniatures. It’s like they are attempting to hark back to chaos from the early 90′s and keep saying how it’s a good thing. I remember those models from when I first started playing and it is the WORST idea one could have come up with.
    The reason chaos designers had changed away from those models is because they were awful and are better left forgotten if you ask me… this is the same this “Khorne mower” I’m assuming is the Epic 40,000 “Lord of Battle” (at least that’s what I think it’s called) which was a awful model! What next, are we going to go back to the atrocious bright colours? Oranges, bright greens, yellows and garish blue with florescent green grass everywhere! Oh my!
    But Chaos is just transforming into something you expect to see down the toy isle of Toys r’ Us, it’s the reason I stopped collecting them. I mean, that stupid flying robo-dragon annoyed me a lot, but this… grrr this just takes the biscuit.
    Why did they not make the brass-scorpion instead?
    -Rant over-

    Then on the other hand- they have done a really good job with the Eldar… To the point I’m considering becoming a Eldar player again.

    • mershadies

      do you really think? a good job with eldar? a bulky knight with tiny head? c’mon, you can’t mean that seriously. A flyer looking like dark eldar? they could have done a much better, much more eldar looking job imo. They have become much too much mainstream (a knight has to be bulky and strong, yeaah :( … ) I was disapointed