GW’s Sneaky Apocalypse Formation Pricing

For some time now, Games Workshop has been offering so-called “1-click-bundles”. These allowed you to buy a whole bunch of different Games Workshop models with – as the name says – one click. These 1-click-bundles gained some notoriety for offering customers absolutely no savings (other than the time it takes to click different products individually in GW’s online store).

With the release of Warhammer 40K Apocalypse, Games Workshop is offering a dozens of “Apocalypse Formations”, which are – in essence – a fancy name for these type of 1-click-bundles.

But here’s the kicker.

Not only do these new Apocalypse Formations offer absolute zero savings (as expected), but some of them are actually more expensive than the models individually.

Example: The Eldar Windrider Host Apocalypse Formation!

The Price of the Windrider Host

This One-Click Collection contains all you need to field the Windrider Host Apocalypse Formation. It includes: 1 Eldar Autarch on Jetbike Upgrade Pack; 1 Eldar Jetbike; 6 Eldar Vyper Jetbikes; and 4 Jetbike Squadrons.

Lots of Jetbikes and Vypers. I get it.

Eldar Winderider Host

Now, we don’t expect any savings from this. But let’s calculate the “worth” of this bundle anyway, which is priced at £210.00.

The new Jetbike Squads/Squadrons of 3 Jetbikes cost £20.00 straight from Games Workshop. Four of them, clicked individually, would cost £80.00. Vyper Squads/Squadrons of 3 Vypers cost £47.50 per box. Two of them, clicked individually, would cost £95.00. There is also the Autarch on Jetbike upgrade kit, which GW currently prices at £11.00, and another single Eldar Jetbike to use the upgrade kit with. Single Jetbikes aren’t available any more, so lets assume we’re buying another box of 3 for £20.00 and give away two Jetbikes to a friend for free.

  • 4x 3 Jetbikes Squadrons = £80.00
  • 2x 3 Vypers Squadrons = £95.00
  • 1x Autarch Upgrade kit = £11.00
  • 1x Jetbike box (using only 1 Jetbike) = £20.00
  • Total = £206.00

Therefore, this total Winderider Host formation would cost me £206.00 clicked individually, including two Jetbikes I’d be throwing away because I cannot buy Jetbikes individually.

As 1-click-bundle Apocalypse Formation however, it costs £210.00.

Click carefully boys and girls (and moms and dads).


Correction: Individual Jetbikes are still available from GW at GBP 8,- RRP. My bad. Thanks to Kamichi for pointing it out!
Update: Games Workshop removed the Vyper Squadron from their Online Store.
Settles that one… in a way. Thanks Daniel for pointing it out!


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  • Rekeiji

    So theyre masquerading these 1-clicks as special offers (Already dicey territory with the Office of Fair Trading) and now theyre adding to the price for no reason… Did their lawyers actually go to school? Because that is flat out breaking the law.

    • Zweischneid

      I am not a lawyer. Can’t tell you. If in doubt, I’d assume they double-checked, rather than running head-long into a law-suit. I might be wrong though.

    • TheLostHold

      Sorry mate – trying to find where it says they’re special offers?

  • Chazrael

    Ouch. Hadn’t spotted that some of these were more expensive.
    Its interesting to compare the bundles to the last apocalypse release. As an example take the Leman Russ company. Last time it was £150 (saving £100 on buying 10 tanks @ £25). This time its £310 (saving £0 pounds on buying 10 tanks @ £31).Thanks but no thanks GW

  • Kamichi

    It’s an obvious mistake. They’ve priced it as follows:
    6 individual Vypers: £111
    4 Windrider Squadrons: £80
    1 Jetbike: £8 (which unlike the article seems to suggest, is still available to buy)
    Autarch Upgrade: £11

    Total: £210

    • Zweischneid

      Alright. Individual Jetbikes are still there. Thought they were gone with the new Eldar Codex.

  • goreshade

    I noticed this with earlier one-click specials. Legion of Damned bundle I think was slighty higher than individual retail.

  • Hive Senteniel

    really GW gave the Tyranids only 4 formations and their THE SAME from the last apocalypse book but updated? On topic: The Nid formations are the same your paying more than what you would individually. The bundle thing is I think designed for convenience but it’s kind of silly.

  • Heretic

    These bundles are designed so you may buy multiple items conveniently. I guess they charge you extra for that lol

  • Minitrol

    Okay I added up for NZD

    4x 3 Jetbikes Squadrons = $240.00

    2x 3 Vypers Squadrons = $300.00

    1x Autarch Upgrade kit + jetbike = $56.00

    Total = $596.00


    Uhm what…

  • DSS13

    why is every one saying the formations are cheaper if brought in individual parts. i have done a couple of then and the prices have came out the same. the only difference is the windrider host and then it depends on how you bye it if you bye the 6 separate vypers the cost is the same as the formation, but if you bye 2 sets of 3 vypers then it is cheaper by about £16. I think that is just an over site by GW.

    • Zweischneid

      Yes. Possibly.

      It does come out 210 if you buy the Vypers individually, rather than in a box of three.

      And it may well be an oversight, as they don’t – for example – price the regular Jetbikes individually (at which point the bundle would sit at GBP 226,- ).

      It may be worth checking other Apoc Formations that use multiple bikes, or similar units, and see if they use “single-model-prices” or “box-of-3-prices” to calculate those.

  • Harley

    …and yet another 40k book is published without including the SoB. Thanks GW for continuing to ignore a part of your fan base and make them feel unwanted.

  • pskontz

    I first noticed this with the imperial shield company if you buy 3 battalions + extra command + advisers you come out $6 American dollars or so cheaper plus you get additional 3 sentinels.

    I think its kinda sad that some items are cheaper and you have to research and figure out how to make the individual parts more expensive.

  • Daniel Grundy

    And the 3 vipers for 47.50 have vanished from GW website.

    • Zweischneid

      Oh oh. Really? They’d rather remove that box from the inventory then fix that Apoc package?

  • Colin

    The Imperial guard players get ripped off even more. The Imperial Shield Infantry Company is £252.75. It has three battleforce packs (£75 each) but without the sentinels plus an extra command squad (£15.50) and a box of regimental advisers (£10.75).
    So, for £251.25 you get all the same stuff, plus three sentinels, which on their own retail for £18.50 each.
    That’s £55.50 less figures for £1.50 extra cost.

    Their marketing strategy is clearly targeting the lazy, rich and extremely stupid.