Fantastic Nurgle Conversion for the Lord of Skulls

It is clear that the Chaos Space Marines Lord of Skulls kit by Games Workshop, which has been released this week, is a divisive one. A lot of people hate it. A rare few love it.

Me, I can absolutely see where most of the criticism is coming from, though I’ve always felt that there is no such thing as “too goofy” or “too silly” in 40K. Quite the opposite, 40K is always at its weakest (in my opinion) when it tries (in vain) to be more sober than it’s inherently silly premise.

Nurgle Lord of Skulls by Morbäck

A few top painters, however, have taken a liking to the kit, including French painter and sculptor Morbäck. Take a look at his nurgly vision of the Lord of Skulls.

Apocalypse 40K Nurgle Lord of Skulls

Morbäck Apocalypse 40K Lord of Skulls

Warhammer 40K Apocalypse Lord of Skulls

Let me know what you think!




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  • Panagiotis Galanis

    That’s simply stunning!

  • M3TLH3D

    I was waiting for the conversions to start popping up but didn’t expect it so soon! This is incredible!

    • Niiico

      Maybe that’s because the author of the mini works for GW ;)

  • BrassScorpion

    I like the stock kit and this conversion. Great stuff.

  • Lutharr101

    Simply Amazing.

  • Matt Stone

    Amazeballs!! Great work!!