Forge World’s Kor Phaeron & Erebus of the Word Bearers

Less than a week to go for the new White Dwarf, and with it the new Space Marines Codex. Time for lots of White Dwarf leaks, once again from our Chinese friends.

Lots and lots of White Dwarf pictures to be found on Baidu (not anymore it seems. Most of it can be found over at 40KWarzone – Z).

Now, we’ve seen most of the Space Marines pictures, so I won’t re-post them here. That said, two things are new. Two miniatures from Forge World for their Horus Heresy line: The Word Bearers Kor Phaeron and Erebus! Have a look!

#1 – Kor Phaeron and Erebus

Word Bearers Kor Phaeron Miniature

Erebus of the Word Bearer Legion

#2 – Thoughts?

Pretty impressive characters there, no?

Let me know what you think and leave a comment!




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  • Joe Davis

    Forge World? Doing Space marines?

    • wibbling

      Oh come on. Those look amazing. The new Avatar from Forgeworld was glorious. What would you like them to do?

      • Hive Senteniel

        How bout Tyranids, Or perhaps Orks even HH chaos Daemons ( like Samus). Forgeworld is awsome, but IMHO Im seeing too much Imperium :p

        • Zweischneid

          They just want to balance the heavy Xenos-bias of the GW-studio ;)

  • Tim Whitehead

    If some one would photo shop on some Spell effects on to Erebus’s left hand after that model is painted it would look extra awesome!

  • Bobthemim

    Erebus looks amazing..

    Kor Phaeron looks like a carbon copy of an meganob.

  • Christopher Schulz

    Just give us Custodians at least -.-

  • Hive Senteniel

    At last! all I need is Marduk and Lorgar and can start a Word Bearers army

  • Yggdrasil

    Erebus looks awesome ! Not so sold on Kor Phaeron, but the caption says it’s still a WIP, so let’s hope for some improvements in the future ! Thanks for sharing ;)