Forge World’s Space Marine Glaive Super-Heavy Tank

This week’s Friday release from Forge World is one nasty Space Marines Super-heavy: the Glaive, described as a  “Super-heavy Special Weapons Tank is a variant of the Fellblade“.

I briefly pinned a picture of the Glaive on

The more I look at it however, the more I come around to doing a short blog post on it. I really like the look of this thing, the sort-of-sci-fi, sort-of-ray-gun weapon, deliciously oversized, on this massive Space Marine tank really makes for a great-looking model.

Forge World at its best! Surely not the worst miniature to test-drive the forthcoming new Warhammer 40K Apocalypse, which (presumably) will be unveiled in the next week or two.

Pictures of the Glaive Super Heavy Tank

Forge World Glaive Super Heavy Tank

Forge World Glaive Super Heavy Tank

Glaive Special Weapons Tank from Forge World

And, last but not least, the unpainted version!

Forge World Space Marines Legion Glaive


Let me know what you think of this beast!

Oh.. and before I forget.. take a peek at the Glaive test-rules from Forge World.




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  • goreshade


  • Hive Seeker

    I love the way the 30k vehicles look more archaic yet much more powerful. This thing is awsome.

  • Nick Von Cover

    When I first saw the picture you posted for a split second I saw the ghost of the original Rhino model, with the dome turret and all. Clearly it is not, but it does evoke that antique.

    This thing looks bad-@ss. This is what you would get if a Rhino and Land Raider had a child and fed it steroids from birth. I haven’t actually played a game of 40k in years (I have a problem with games where the effective range of a pistol is less than the length of a tank), but this kind of model, with the awesome look it has captured, is the reason I still follow it in the blogosphere.

    Nick blogs at Spotting Round.