How to Paint Gemstones on Blood Angels Terminators

Gemstones and other ornamentation are important visual elements for a Blood Angels army. Doubly so for blood-drop shaped stones, a central part of Blood Angels iconography. These Terminators from Space Hulk have a lot of details like this sculpted on. Painting them, I decided to paint gemstones purple, contrasting nicely with the red armour.

This painting tutorial is a guest article by Tom from Mini Brush Studio.

For painting the Blood Angels gemstones I used the following Citadel paints:

  1. Naggaroth Night (Base)
  2. Xereus Purple (Layer)
  3. Genestealer Purple (Layer)
  4. White Scar (Layer)

 Step 1 – Base Layer

How to paint Blood Angels Space Marines Gemstones

I started by base coating the gem on the shoulder pad with Naggaroth Night.

Step 2 – First Highlight

How to paint Blood Angels Gemstones Xereus Purple

Afterwards, I use Xereus Purple on one side of the gem, covering about a half of the previous coat.

#3 – Second Highlight

How to paint Blood Angels Gemstones Genestealer Purple

Following the above, I used Genestealer Purple to nicely finish the highlight of purple on the left of the gem.

Step 4 – White Spot Colour

How To Paint Space Hulk Terminators

Using Citadel White Scar, I add a line on the right, opposite to the purple highlight on the gem.

Showcase – Blood Angels Space Hulk Terminators

How to paint Blood Angels Terminators

Finally a shot of the completed squad of Blood Angels Terminators from the Space Hulk boxed set. You can take a 360° look at the unit on YouTube.

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Mini Brush Studio
Mini Brush Studio is a miniature painting studio doing commission painting. We are based in the heart of United Kingdom in a lovely little town known as Warwick.
  • Jeff

    Very nice, I am using a similar technique for my BA purity seals and gems…seems to work well.