Painting Lizardmen Priest Feathers In Six Easy Steps

The new plastic Lizardmen Skink Priest for Warhammer Fantasy is one of the most popular minis for painters at the moment. At the 2013 UK Games Day, the Golden, Silver and Bronze Demon for Warhammer Fantasy Single Miniature were all (!) won by Lizardmen Skink Priest miniatures.

So the topic for this months tutorials can only be: Painting Lizardmen Feathers!

I have decided to do something fast and easy for people who don’t really want to do a lot of blending and may not have an airbrush in their household. This tutorial is about painting the Skink Priest feathers using only GW’s citadel washes, which yields excellent results.

This painting tutorial is a guest article by Tom from Mini Brush Studio.

For painting the Lizardmen Skink Priest Feathers I used the following Citadel paints:

  • Ceramite White (Base)
  • Casandora Yellow (Shade)
  • Fuegan Orange (Shade)
  • Biel-Tan Green (Shade)
  • Drakenhof Nightshade (Shade)
  • Ushabti Bone (Layer)

#1 – Base Coat: Ceramite White

Tutorial: Lizardmen Skink Priest Feathers - Step 1

We are starting by painting the feathers with a base coat of Ceramite White.

#2 – First Wash: Casandora Yellow

Tutorial: Lizardmen Skink Priest Feathers - Step 2

After the base layer, the entire surface of the feathers is covered with a Wash: Casandora Yellow

#3 – Second Wash: Fuegan Orange

Tutorial: Lizarmen Skink Priest Feathers - Step 3

Next, gently apply a darker Wash – Fuegan Orange – to the bottom of the feathers.

#4 – Third Wash: Biel-Tan Green

Tutorial: Lizadrmen Skink Priest Feathers - Step 4

Afterwards, brush about 1/2 to 3/5 of the feathers’ surface with a third Wash: Biel-Tan Green.

#5 – Final Wash: Drakenhof Nightshade

Tutorial: Lizardmen Skink Priest Feathers - Step 5

Finish the washing stage by using Drakenhof Nightshade on the end tips of the feathers.

#6 – Final Step: Ushabti Bone

Tutorial: Lizardmen Skink Priest Feathers - Step 6

The last stage is to finish the awesome feathers with some definition, using a Layer: Ushabti Bone.

Showcase – Lizardmen Skink Priest

Lizardmen Skink Priest Feathers Painting Tutorial by Mini Brush Studio

Here is a picture of the completed Lizardmen Skink Priest. You can take a 360° at this fantastic miniature on YouTube.

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Mini Brush Studio
Mini Brush Studio is a miniature painting studio doing commission painting. We are based in the heart of United Kingdom in a lovely little town known as Warwick.
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    I love how simplistic and easy it is to follow this tutorial. Should be quick to do, as well, which means more people will actually use it! Thanks…