3 Daemon-Newb Questions on the Masque of Slaanesh

So I am trying to get through the new Daemon Codex. One thing is sure, this is a complex book.

All those different loci, rewards, powers, etc.. , which are largely random (though often with a possibility to “default” to a standard power, similar to all 6th edition psyker rules) make this a complex book. Those chariot-rules aren’t for the faint-hearted either, as the rules-controversy over the “heavy-weapon”-wielding Exalted Flamer riding on the new Tzeentch Chariot-model suggest.

My confusion probably isn’t helped by the fact that I paid little attention to the old Daemon Codex. Nobody among my regular opponents played it. By and large, I didn’t care enough.

The new Codex is shiny and as good an excuse as any to brush up my Daemon-know-how.

Still, I’ll take this one in tiny baby-steps.

The Masque of Slaanesh

Slaanesh Daemonettes have been one thing I am looking at. Howling, fleet, rending girls doesn’t sound like something you could go wrong on, even if it’s only as a little allied force. It might also be my best chance to practice painting (almost) nekkid girls before my Kingdom Death loot ships, especially if I’d go for alternative models such as those from Raging Heroes.

Chaos Daemons the Masque of Slaanesh

Golden Demon-winning Masque by Aaron L.

A solid addition appears to be the Masque of Slaanesh.

I like her story and her “Eternal Dance” sounds really useful in crippling a nearby shooty or assaulty unit from your opponent after you Deep Strike your Daemon-girls.

I know, Daemons don’t Deep Strike like they used to. Still seems the “appropriate” way to place them.

Her rules are a bit confusing though (which is true for a few entries in the new Chaos Daemons Codex).

I hope I’ve got some 40K-wizs with Daemon-expertise reading this blog?

Here are three questions for you!

#1 – Dance & Run?

Is the Masque’s “Eternal Dance” her shooting action?

It says one must choose one of her dances each shooting phase, though it doesn’t really say if she could do something else, more mundane too, most notably running.

Might come in handy after a Deep-Strike.

#2 – Caged Jetbikes?

Does the “Dance of Caging” – applied to a unit of (Jet)bikes – prevent turbo-boosting?

Would it limit turbo-boosts to D3″?

Would it not affect turbo-boosts at all?

The rule says the afflicted target “can only move, run, charge and fall back D3″.“, leaving its effect on other potential movement-types rather vague.

#3 – Dancing Warp Talons?

Instead of sending the Masque in with the girls, I wonder if I could add her to a unit of appropriately marked Chaos Space Marines units with the “Daemon” rule?

Warp Talons, for example, would be an interesting choice.

Indeed, the entire loci-subsystem of the new Chaos Daemon Codex might hide some interesting synergies, not only with its own book, but with “Daemon”-units from the Chaos Space Marines Codex, if this is legal?

What do you think?

Somebody out there willing to un-puzzle these for me?

Your opinion would be much appreciated!




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  • Slaede

    I explain the purpose of the Masque in this article. She is quite useful. http://daemons40k.blogspot.com/2013/03/daemon-icons-and-possibilites.html

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      Yup. Thanks. Just reading it.

      Sorry, but comments with links in them need to be approved first. You wouldn’t believe how many comments with spam-links to “instantly-rich” or “penis-enlargement” I get in my pending-box every day ;)

      • Slaede

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  • Bandera

    1 – No. She also does not need to roll to hit.
    2 – You could argue that turbo-boosting is a jetbike’s version of running but until a FAQ clears that out boosting is not affected by the dance. The rulebook clearly defines what a a run is and which units can do it.
    3 – Characters with demonic instability cannot join units without this rule and vice versa.

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      Well, 1 is the key one. I hope that doesn’t get FAQ-nerfed (or.. I guess, I’ll hold major purchases till I see it).

      3.. well, that is probably the RAI, so I doubt I’d push it. Funny enough, I think RAW it “only” says units with instability cannot be joined by characters (“model”) without, not vice-versa.. no?

  • Mindshred

    The Masque isn’t an independant character, and thus cannot join units of any sort, daemonically unstable or otherwise.

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      Ahhh You’re right. How’d I miss that ?????

      There go my Slaanesh-Allies-Ambitions ;(