Mongoose Prepares 2000AD Rogue Trooper Kickstarter

It appears that a draft-page for a Kickstarter campaign by Mongoose Publishing got out. After their successful Judge Dredd Kickstarter, they are following up with a Crowd-funding campaign for a miniatures battle game based on the 2000AD comic strip Rogue Trooper.

We are looking to Kickstarter a brand new science fiction miniatures game based on the 2000AD comic strip, Rogue Trooper.

Rogue Trooper features a titanic clash between the Southers and the Norts, on a once paradise world, Nu-Earth. Years of war and the unrestricted use of chemical and biological weapons has resulted in the landscape being turned into a blighted ruin – but still the armies fight amidst the ruins and poisoned air, each deploying more troops and secret weapons in a bid to win the strategically important planet.

#1 – The Rogue Trooper Kickstarter

There is a good bit of information available. In contrast to the skirmish-level Judge Dredd game, Rogue Trooper is intended to be a more fully developed wargame (though it is said to scale well from as little as the title character Rogue Trooper fighting an enemy unit).

Though there are stretch-goal ambitions for vehicles, the GBP 6.000,- goal of the Kickstarter is set to fund Rogue Trooper himself and a set for the two warring factions of Nu-Earth (though these things are, as this is a test, open to change before the Kickstarter goes live).

Mongoose Rogue Trooper Kickstarter Goal

Rogue Trooper Kickstarter Initial Goal

A draft of the Rogue Trooper Rulebook is available for download (pdf-link).

#2 – Images from the Kickstarter Test-Page

Based on a series of comic books, the artwork – reflecting the comic book –  is of course great!

Rogue Trooper Kickstarter by Mongoose Publishing

Rogue Trooper Comic Art


Rogue Trooper Kickstarter by Mongoose

Rogue Trooper Comic Fighter Jet

#3 – The Rogue Trooper Miniatures

There is (so far) less to see on the miniature-side of things. There is, however, this shot of the title-giving Rogue Trooper (in blue) along with a soldier from each faction.

Rogue Trooper Game Miniatures

Mongoose’s Rogue Trooper Game Miniatures

What do you think?

For me, I had to give Mongoose Judge Dredd Kickstarter a pass. However, this one might be more up my alley, if there is some good miniatures and vehicles to come along. Or, alternatively, I might just give the test-rules a read to see if they “click”.

As with Judge Dredd (or Knight Games Batman miniature game), I am still a bit skeptical about wargames build on franchises centered on one main characters (though I admit I never tried any of them).

Share your thoughts!


Update: Rogue Trooper Kickstarter is now live!


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  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    the minis look nice and I loved Rogue Trooper so I might lose my Kickstarter virginity with this one.

    • Zweischneid

      I love Rogue Trooper too. Not sure if I need the game. If they offer a small pledge for the Rogue Trooper miniature and some Norts and Southers, I’d be in too.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        I hope they go for a big enough target to make it all plastic, having read the rules it looks like this game could work with a decent number of minis each side and Mongooses £2.99 per figure would make that a bit pricey. Might proxy my Mutant Chronicles Warzone cheap plastic guys for a test game in a few days (they are £16 for 40 each of two factions and would make good Norts at least with a little work, and the Imperials OK Southers if they had replacement heads. Would love a quickish game with 100+ troops per side that wasn’t 40K. 40K is so complex now I haven’t played a game of sixth yet that didn’t involve us remembering at the end some important rule we hadn’t applied/forgotten or which we’d applied wrong!

        • Zweischneid

          Well, DreamForge Eisenkern are also still looking for a game to play :)