Poll: Do you Like the Cyriss Miniatures for Warmachine?

Privateer Press released news of their new Convergence of Cyriss faction for Warmachine a few days ago on Temple Con. As a non-WarmaHordes-player, I am picking up some mixed vibes on these from twitter, forums, my blog and elsewhere on the web.

Admittedly, I think introducing a new faction for Warmachine is a tall order. The very cornerstone of its design – Warjacks in every faction – makes it tricky to step outside a certain boundary, risking a certain sameness to all factions, simply due how this basic template they all adhere to.

So here is a simple one!

Scroll through the screens below and let the Privateer Press’ new “Art-Deco” / “Metropolis” design sink in a bit. After that, give me your opinion on the poll below!

#1 – The New Miniatures

Privateer Press Convergence of Cyriss Infantry

Convergence of Cyriss Infantry

Privateer Press New Convergence of Cyriss 'Vector' Warjacks

Convergence of Cyriss ‘Vector’ Warjacks

Privateer Press New Convergence of Cyriss Head Honcho

Convergence of Cyriss – Leader of the Fritz Lang army

Privateer Press new Convergence of Cyriss Army

Convergence of Cyriss army

#2 – The Poll: Vote here!

The New Convergence of Cyriss Miniatures for Warmachine are...

  • Awesome! (57%, 97 Votes)
  • Alright (29%, 49 Votes)
  • Underwhelming (8%, 14 Votes)
  • Horrible (5%, 9 Votes)
  • Other (please explain in comments) (1%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 171

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Thanks for voting!




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  • orlando the technicoloured

    I like the jacks and character figures, but think the troops are pretty poor, especially the weapons

  • Briny Wits

    Much like mr. Z, I absolutely love the concept, but also find some of the sculpts fell a little short. The tops of the heavy vectors for example seem “lazy”/flat, compared to their arms that look awesomely like made of actual clock/watch pieces, and the small-based infantry (unlike the sketches for the middle) look a little too 50ies retro-futuristic for me.

  • fatty

    i like the thinking that went into the process of making these models. there shields actually interlock when using shield wall and the concept art of the angels is just awesome. and privateer press really knows how to make awesome models that really look like the concept art