New Space Marine Centurions: A First Look!

The new Space Marines are now available for pre-order! Vote which of the new Space Marines releases you like best!

Here we are. There has been a flood of Space Marine rumours over the last 48 hours or so. Obviously, the rumoured 60mm base Space Marines Centurions are the most anticipated part of this new release.

  • Will they fit in nicely with the rest of the Space Marines range?
  • How will the slot into the existing background?

Well, the first pictures have been seen, so have a look and judge for yourself!

#1 – The New Space Marines Centurions

Imperial Fists Space Marines Centurions

Space Marine Codex Centurions

Update: There are new rumours for the Space Marines Centurion Rules!

#2 – The New Space Marines Anti-Air Rhino

Also, there’s picture of the new anti-aircraft Rhino variant. It’s a tank with big guns, so I would expect this one to be far less controversial. Is it what you expected?

Rhino Space Marine Codex New Pictures Leaked

#3 – Vanguard Veterans

Notice the pistol by the Sergeant. I would think this is one of the new grav weapons.

Vanguard Veterans

Vanguard Veterans

#4 – Thoughts?

All right! Let’s get the discussion started. What do you think of the new Space Marines Centurions?




Let me know in the comments below!




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  • Winter soldier

    I am looking forward to converting the centurions to dark angel and very much looking foward to what else comes out

  • Panagiotis Galanis

    Centurions is a badly designed project by my opinion, 40K and space marines became iconic because of the ‘grimdark’ theme and the peculiar heroics of loss of worlds/tech/manpower of the chapters.

    It is OK to bring new models in the game, it is certainly welcome… but should these adopt the aesthetics of the action figure? No certainly not.

    • Zweischneid

      I agree to an extend. Space Marines are an iconic range with a very particular visual look.

      Adding models too it has always been controversial (e.g. Stormraven). Will be interesting to see how these go.

      Overall, I kinda dislike that they look like they couldn’t actually walk (which, however, is a problem the regular Dreadnought shares).

      The Dreadknight, IMO, had it figured out to look like a Space Marine Walker that could actually .. well .. walk. I had hoped for something more along the Dreadknight. Oh well.

      • Panagiotis Galanis

        I think what you describe with the Dreadknight is the right way to go: innovative, functional and dynamic – I agree fully on that one. Centurions look like a compromise which becomes even worse if we co-factor the intentional CAAD design becoming prevalent.

        I have no trouble with new designs and understand the necessary friction associated with the introduction of new material but I would expect something more from the leading miniature company in wargaming. The new technology should bring something more detailed and well designed to the consumer, not lumbering, il-thought constructs. The barriers between armies, wargear and aesthetics should be delineated not blurred!

        The tank is great, and I am certainly looking forward to see the new elite slots. I feel a bit more optimistic about them!

    • Spjungen

      A) GRIMDARKKKK is stupid.
      B) …it’s stupid.

      • Panagiotis Galanis

        It’s OK mate, Barbie fits you nicely then :D

        On a more serious note though: I am not big fan of Grimdark either but it is there for 20 years? It is a huge precedent in 40K.

        • spjungen

          It’s the sci fi equivalent of angsty bullshit drama xD
          It’s all the worst qualities humanity has to offer streamlined, embelished, extrapolated, and finally mish-mashed into one big cliche clusterfuck of go-to science fictioin blandness; it’s the vanilla in a game that’s supposed to be about creativity, the exact opposite of weird and wonderful xD

          To be honest actually, I would prefer barbie to that :P

          The game’s backstory is GRIMDARK enough I don’t need the faction I play to also be an angsty emo bootcamp, the imperium to me is just the epitome of that, pure melodramatic stagnation…oh and lest we forget its ubiquitous bigotry and everything-phobic fascism xD

          Which is why I play Tau and Eldar, the two LEAST awful societies in the game ^^

          • Panagiotis Galanis

            Well spungen, first of all I appreciate the constructive and elaborate comment.

            I am not that far from your opinions, I play Tau and squats (as IG list but brotherhoods theme) and I am really fond of Eldar. As I said I don’t really appreciate the extreme grimdarkness or the over-glorified neologisms from the recent novela narratives – it is pretty bad.

            That said I think you fail to appreciate context here: It is very well known that we can indulge notions with which we disagree and recognize potential of hetero-determination on a sci-fi setting. Yes Tau and Eldar are great, because they provide a break from a clear dystopian theme. Yet these two armies on a more generic setting wouldn’t be anything special (and Eldar are quite grim and dark too in their history so … you are just with the Tau on that spot). They are defined within the setting.

            Besides, your point of view leaves a lot to be desired my friend, story is there but you have to separate that from aesthetics and then think about this on the tabletop. Ultimately hobbies do not reflect personal opinions they are bits of stress-release: space marine players are not zealots of an authoritarian regime causing havoc: They are chaps and lasses having fun.

            Keep it in perspective, opinions are accepted, justified opinions are respected.

          • Alexander Golmen Berg

            I love grimdark :D. It’s what makes it warhammer and not star trek

          • MWL2

            Star Trek = In the Noblebrightness of the Future, there is ONLY Adventure!

          • MWL2


            “For the greater good!”


  • Spjungen

    The centurions look retarded…

  • Michael Dudek

    I’m pretty sure I am not going to like them. It seems they will marginalize the dreadnoughts even more than they already are. Which is a shame, because they are a great piece of grim dark 40K lore. These suits will probably be more effective on the battlefield, but I doubt the fluff will be as good as the dreadnoughts.

    • Ruska

      Given that dreadnoughts are easy to find for cheap, I’m considering doing some heavy conversion work and making a squad of counts-as centurions based off the dreadnought models

      • Michael Dudek

        I think it could work well, especially with the ‘helmet head’ Venerable dreads. I guess I am just in a place where I am disappointed a unit with great fluff has been ever dwindling in tabletop effectiveness. And everyone and their uncle seems to have walkers available to their armies now.

        • Ruska

          I agree completely. I still field dreadnoughts (I rarely play competitively) because they’re just badass. I started playing when 3rd edition was new and they were a serious threat, and when I came back to the game I was so disappointed with their lackluster performance.

  • come2buy

    hmm … was looking forward to seeing those Centurions .. but now I’m kinda disappointed. They look very static and like they can’t move at all. Like walking closets.

    And with those drills… all hail the caries troopers :)

  • Joe Davis

    The anti-air looks good enough, but the centurions look like transformers toys from the 80s.

  • MrPenfold

    The centurions look like two things to me:

    1: they look fake and 2D

    2: they look like what would happen if you put a techmarine in terminator armor, which would be cool i guess because the chests looks like its housing a missile launcher of some kind, so it sounds cool that the techmarine can fix your vehicles while hurting the enemies

    • MWL2

      They can have chest missile, Iron Clads, or Hurricane Bolter.

  • Badgerboy1977

    From what I can see of the AA tank from the pic above, it looks like an excellent kit. Love the separate cannon design and the heavy armour is superb. I’ll take 2 thank you.

    The Centurions are growing on me, I’d say the IF colour scheme and poses do them no favours and they look far better in the Ultramarine pic, though still not quite there.
    They do remind me of the Master of the Forge model and I quite often find with GW’s photos that the models are far better in real life and painted in a less child friendly, Eavy metal way.
    Personally I’ll reserve judgement on them until I’ve got a few and painted them up in a more realistic style for my Red Scorpions.

    I really look forward to the new Tactical squad, Vanguards, Sternguards and the rest as I’m expecting some rather nice options and sculpts for those.

  • Khantos

    I’m legitimately disappointed by the look of the Centurion and won’t be getting any anytime soon, which is a bummer because it’ll probably have good rules. Not too big a deal though as I know none of the guys I play with will be getting them either.

    The anti-air rhino however looks beautiful and I definitely want to get my hands on a few of those.

    • Bruce Bridges

      Kitbash your own, better looking Centurions. Whatever you do, please do NOT reward crappy looking product like that.

      • MWL2

        And what if you’re like me………..and you actually LIKE the Centurions?

        Well, I guess I’ll just continue in my own heretical ways and buy some (2nd hand probably, do cost too much IMO)

  • ProdigalPlayer

    The Centurious are truly awful. Good lord.

  • doremicom

    The centurions look like they were ripped off of the old 80′s cartoon “Centurions”

    • Zweischneid

      These guys?

      • doremicom

        Yep… especially when you consider it’s a space marine with just extra stuff tacked on them.

        • Spjungen

          All they need to do now is call them mega marines xDDDD

      • Bruce Bridges

        Even those look better than the new GW figs, but it occurs to me, maybe they should give GW a taste of its own medicine and sure for IP infringment. Huehuehue.

        • Zweischneid

          If they do, GW would be laughing like many of the people who ended up laughing when GW tried to sue them for rather ridiculous things.

          The term Centurion is gonna be hard to trademark ;)

          • Bruce Bridges

            No argument, but maybe they might calm down if half of the planet, whom they stole IP from sued them the way they sued half the planet. :p

  • Ruska

    When I saw the Centurion models, my thought was “Meth… not even once.”

  • Steve

    What are the odds of Dark Angels or Space Wolves getting those centurions or sweet AA rhino?

    • Zweischneid

      Allies are your friends, I would think.

      • Steve

        But I want one…painted green

        • Zweischneid

          Just paint it green, along with a green Tac Squad. Just cause they’re allies in the list, doesn’t mean they have to look like allies on the table.

          At least, that’s how I think it’ll go down. There might be options for actual Dark Angels (Space Wolves, Blood Angels) use of these units, but I kinda doubt it.

          • Winter soldier

            Make your own green chapter like I did

    • Wolfgard

      Centurions? Hopefully none

  • Ruska

    Haha, wow. As a Dark Angels player, I was worried about missing out on something cool from the vanilla marines codex, but I have no desire to buy those centurions at all. The rhino does look interesting, and Emperor knows Dark Angels could use better anti-aircraft choices.

    • argentGladius

      You’re not the only one. I don’t feel so bad about getting screwed out of new kit when it looks that awful.

  • Azharian

    ok, the legs are terrible, but i don’t dislike the top half. They probrably will be the I hope that the price will not be too expansive

    • spjungen

      50 bucks minimum for three of them is my guess, especially with that dreadnought base xD
      We tau gotta pay 50 bucks for ONE dreadnought-sized broadside with drones but hey yknow what? At least he looks fucking AWESOME ;PP

      • MWL2

        It’s 80 bucks.

  • m3g4tr0n

    Looks like a Lego minifig.

  • muthamurry

    the anti -air is cool and makes sense to have as an option, but the Centurions just seem silly. they look like something GW cooked up to make a gradient between terminators and dreadnaughts. they just look ridiculous.

  • miniaturz

    As a hardcore miniature painter and collector, I am speechless when I think that GW is actually considering releasing these Centurions monstrosities as part of their product range.

    Whoever designed these should be sacked immediately from GW ……

    Even if they are given free to me, I will make sure they are buried so deep, no one will ever find them

    • ZalanDarkbane

      At first glance, they appear to be truly awful. But looking at their loadout, I doubt they will be seeing very much table time as it stands. They are loaded out for bunker/bastion busting. The assault drills with the flame throwers indicate this. The upgrade on the sarge to give him melta instead of flamers seems like an obvious one as well. I suspect that those fists will be str 8 (or 10) armourbane, where if they penetrate a building they can immediately make a flamethrower attack at the models inside, following the rules for flamethrowers against bastions in 6e. I’m guessing they will be very expensive points wise, say 80ish points a model, the melta upgrade will be 1 per 3 or 5 in squad for 10ish points, extremely bulky, no teleport homers so they will have to plod up the field, probably with toughness 6 or 7, and maybe 2 wounds.

      They do look very comical considering what the body of the space marine would look like that would have to fit into those arms/legs would be, and the torso frankly should be bigger so that the marine could look like he is fully encased in the torso and not directly operating the arms/legs

      Not that I ever see too many bastions in play, it’s almost always the Aegis Defense Line (and that’s what I field as well since its a bargain for the points)

      That Rhino variant looks bloody awesome to me, and I’m really digging the new power armor marines.

  • muleyyy

    space marine collectors please, dont buy these on principal of how awful they are – even with the plan of converting and improving them!

    if you buy them, they will continue to make dreadful minitures!

    • Spjungen

      Lol it’s space marines man, they’re a lost cause xD
      This is ACTUALLY funnier than the both the eldar and GK derpknights combined together!

    • MarkD1159

      Personally I think they look cool, but hey, everyone has an opinion…

      • Zweischneid

        They actually seem to be rather popular in my poll, only behind the Sternguard. I suppose the initial rage has abated a lot.

  • Bellarius

    … These things look like they were built purely to make the Dreadknight look dignified by comparison.

  • Kieran

    I was under the impression we were going to get something akin to a modernised Cataphractii-esque armour, not something that looks like it’s crawled straight out of the doodle page in a school kid’s textbook. Someone needs to give the chief miniature designer a swift clack to the back of the head for this monumental cockup.

    That being said I do rather like the new AA-Rhino and Vanguard veterans (Who will be cannibalised for parts and wont even see the tabletop as complete models), even if they WILL put me rather out of pocket with GW’s price hikes over recent years

  • BrassScorpion

    I’ve been buying GW Space Marines since 1989 and these are the weirdest looking Space Marine models yet. One friend of mine said in response, “They aren’t weird, they are horrible. Just so very horrible…”

  • Serbia Strong


  • faberman

    they are simply wonderful

  • Zweischneid

    Lots of odd little mini-pictures.


    1. Captain
    2. Sternguard
    3. LIbrarian
    3. Sternguard

    • belverker

      love that sternguard head…

  • Zweischneid

    Yes. Sort of. Though Forge World has used this kind of drill-design before with the “Assault Drill”

  • Nolan

    its bad when there are memes of this within 12 hours of leak.

    • Zweischneid

      Isn’t there a meme of everything these days within 12 hours?

      It’s bad that people these days are incapable of communicating an opinion in their own words and need to lean on memes instead. The curse of the Reddit-generation… ;(

  • Spjungen

    Lemme guess, toughness 5 terminators with 2 wounds? xD
    I am gonna ENJOY blasting these guys to bits as they try to waddle towards my cadre.

  • spjungen

    Doooood dontchu know man? They have a shunt move like grey knightzzzz!

  • Spjungen

    But yeah these are actually the most retarded things I’ve ever seen, even that awesome crusader helm couldn’t save these doodle-pad atrocities…

    Space marine players…keep your wits about you, and stay dignified;
    Don’t buy these things ><

  • spjungen


    • Zweischneid

      I think you’ve made your position very clear.

      Take a breath. Go for a little walk ;)

  • Axcel

    Fluff-wise, I can’t blame them. Dreadnaughts are rare in Space Marine Chapters, so getting a suit to beef-up termies to help take up the slack makes perfect sense. On the tabletop, though, it isn’t a very good decision. Although, I can’t help but wonder why they don’t also have a cyclone missile launcher on their shoulders. Guess they’ll have that, too. No kill like overkill.

    • 53c710n316h7

      Except that fluff-wise they dont know how to make ‘tactical dreadnought’ (terminator) armour any more either, so these suits are incredibly valuable, possibly more so than dreadnoughts.

      • Dash berg

        What’s the points cost ?

  • Unforgiven

    hey at least the Imperium is getting new toys :/

  • Unforgiven

    How come though the dark angels keep getting the short end of the stick though getting sick of it gw. The 80 buck speeder and its not that great or terrible. keep up with the current times.

    • SonOfDorn07

      You know that cheap standard that makes all bolters within 12″ salvo 2/4 that inevitabley ends everything on the table when the DA player fields 6 tac squads as close as possible to it so that ANY squad no matter how survivable dies in one turn of shooting. then you have a few heavy supports for anti tank and BOOM victory.. every. damn. time.

  • Joshua Clark

    This falls into the category of judging a book by its cover. Big and bulky, yes. I’ve heard listed as Heavy Support, which I’m not sure I’m giving up my predator or Iron Clads yet. I need to see some concrete numbers and fluff before I cast judgement myself, although I am going to lay some money down for a box and see how they look with one of my paint jobs. I am also interestedto see how some of the pro Painters make out with them.

    • Zweischneid

      I agree. Given the lumbering behemoth-sorta vibe these are going for, I’d really be interested to see them in a gritty paintjob with some good weathering, etc.. .

      • Joshua Clark

        My thoughts exactly. Next to the codex, these are first on the buy list next month.

  • dibblegiggle .

    I like them, they remind me of the Gears of war 3 Silverback, new Templar units? Yes please !

  • Oliver Brown

    I just think of the new centurions as the bad guy’s suit from iron man 1 =)


    centurions look like first edition terminators…….and jus as should have been a dreadnought piloted by an actual marine with big guns huge storm shield n power weapon options …. .hunter looks awesome.. kit bash hunter with vindicater n get sabre tank hunter…. command release could have been way better how about chaplin librarian n commander should have been done like the like the company captain wak of bits for options commander should have been in terminator armour.lets face it gw blew this re-launch scale of one to ten they gets a 3 0f 10… 3 is all on the hunter

  • zombie

    the centurions look soooooo weird and fake, why games workshop, why

  • tali3san

    The centurions look just plain awful. If the those things under their arms are weapons, why would they not mount them on the shoulder pads, out of the way of the arms and legs and having the ability to fire over smaller troops. Did nobody even think about how this model would actually move.

  • the6thfinger

    Gamesworkshop really set warhammer 40k apart from other table top war games like warmachine and infinity because each race had its own trademark silhouette.

    For example tau and xv88s , space marines with terminators like they were designed on different worlds and different cultures. Now these new centurions look like Battlesuits from the tau.

    though Gamesworkshop have released some of the most breathtaking models I have ever seen they are now running lut of ideas. They’re excuse, “they need something to match that”.

    Gamesworkshop need more ideas to help them to help us hobbyists. This is why we as a hobbyist community need to give constructive feedback to help them make an even greater game which in return raises the enjoyment factor for us hobbyists.

    Just think ultimately we shape the game, if we don’t like it, we don’t buy it. At the end of the day they’re still a business so ultimately have to make money. So they will change the product so you do want

  • Micheal Moor

    Those centurions have got to be the dumbest 40k models ever made. They look like they can barely move. Why copy the Tau and have powered battle suits at all? Why not have squads of lite Dreadnoughts or instead? Something that can move fast? Space marines have tanks, they have terminators, they have heavy weapons squads. What role are centurions supposed to fill?
    If they are good in the game, I’l find something better looking to count as one or I’ll mod terminators with some extra bits, absolutely no way I’m paying 60 bucks for a box of three turds. My dog gives me turds every day for free.

    • codell


  • Ottodestruct

    ok, centurions,….. when did marines become siege specialists? Marines are supposed to be fast attack first response spot on type of guys! these guys look way slow and way bulky and well terrible. the Drills look like the heads on electric shavers. i mean wow what a terrible design, in a universe with things like beam cannons that turn matter into energy and heat lances and microwave guns would they even know what a obsolete drill is?, i want these guys in my army because of the sheer firepower that they are going to be able to deal out, but for real will anyone ever take a devastator squad ever again?

    NO electric shave head drills!!!!!

    • Phantasm

      Well, if I recall correctly, the original Space Marines were Seige orientated, especially the Imperial Fists and their successor chapters. Which was exemplified in the Mark 3 Iron Armour. As for the drills, remember that the Imperial Guard combat knife is considered an amazing piece of technology, most technology is either lost or not understood or replicable.except by STCs or Forgeworlds, and even then, items outside the most basic tech tend to be very rare. The centurions drill reminds me of the Death korps of Krieg Hades drill tank thing, so I would say they should know what drills are like. However, what is the point of the bloody centurions, we already have Terminators as a middle ground between normal marines and dreadnought.

  • McDrilly

    Why are they holding drill bits made for soft sand? those kind of bits wouldn’t do crap against armor or any sort of fortification except one made out of sand bags.

    • FlamingTim

      You mean there are weapons in Warhammer 40K that don’t really make sense?


  • khorne

    Khorne cries

  • Hive Senteniel

    I’m not hating them but I’m not loving them let’s just see if the model looks better in person. (These leaked photos tend to make the models look bad after all)

  • Luca

    The centurions look like the flame soldiers of Starcraft ( canno remember the name). Bulky and static. The tank is tough, the veterans look nice, but not so much different than the usual space marines.

  • Biggy

    centurions seem like a waste of time. They don’t even look capable of walking let alone fast close combat. could of just released new dreadnoughts with more inspired designs like forgeworld have been doing with HH, which would make more sense fluff wise considering imperium loves finding old stcs and making the advances that way.Stalker tank is a nice addition and blends in well with the line. rest of the releases just seem like gw have gone “slap some heresy era bits and some purity seals and gothic bling and rise the price” and expected us to be throwing money at them.

    • Brandon Start

      Lol. It is not like Deadnoughts look capable of walking let along fast combat in the first place.

  • Voidlight

    Switch to Dark Eldar everybody! Actually don’t, we value our independance… and we need Marines to kill ;)

  • Relic of the dark age of techn

    wow – games workshop really are out of ideas

  • MWL2

    Want to see Chaos Centurion equivalents, not necessarily “Chaos Centurion” like “Chaos Dreadnought” or Chaos (insert loyalist crap) ……rather something of the same level or function but distinctly chaos like Dreadnought now = Helbrute.