Pins of War is on Holidays

Pins of War on Holidays

Merry Christmas everyone.

I hope you’ve all had some great days (and lots of wargaming-loot below the tree).

I’ve been packing my things and getting ready for a nice week of winter-holiday. To truly unwind (and due to technical constraints), Pins of War as a whole is going on a week-long holiday. I’ll be checking the comment section on my phone (so don’t start posting nasty things!), but I’ll spare you all the pain of blog-posts I tried to type on an aging iPhone.

#1 – DreadBall Veer-Myn Showcase

To keep with the festive theme, here’re a few pictures of one of my personal Christmas treats to myself… a brand new DreadBall Veer-Myn team, painted by Tom from Mini Brush Studio, who’s also posted some great painting tutorials here.

To keep Strikers and Guards (no Jacks!) visually separated, I asked him to paint the Strikers as white mice and the Guards as black rats (something my painting skills would utter fumble).

Have a look!

DreadBall Veer-Myn Strikers

DreadBall Veer-Myn “White” Strikers

DreadBall Veer-Myn Guards

DreadBall Veer-Myn “Black” Guards

#2 – I’ll Be Back In the New Year

I’ll be back in the new year – Saturday, January 4th to be precise.

That first weekend of the new year should get everyone started with some 40K-gribblies. After that, I’ll hope to get my own paintbrush swinging again, and, of course, a little Veer-Myn tactics article, once I have a few games with them under my belt.

Happy New Year!




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  • belverker

    Have a good break mate, look forward to what you have for next year.

    • Yggdrasil

      Indeed, you deserved it. Have fun !