Poll: The Best 6th Edition Codex for Warhammer 40K?

Warhammer 40K Best Codex 6th Edition

I recently posted a review of the Codex: Tau Empire for Warhammer 40K 6th Edition. Overall, I thought the Tau Codex is one of the better new Codexes for Warhammer 40K 6th Edition.

Evidently, not everyone agrees.

Which leads me to a simple question: What is – in your opinion – the best 6th Edition Codex?

Given that the release of Apocalypse 40K  gave us a short break from Games Workshop’s manic release schedule, and even the most recent Codex for Warhammer 40K, the Eldar, had some time to “settle in”, this seems a good time to ask this question.

Which one is your favourite?

Which 6th Edition Codex do you think is the best?

Judge them by the criteria that you feel are important (rules, background, artwork, etc..). Perhaps leave a line or two explaining your choice in the comments.

Poll: The Best 6th Edition Codex for Warhammer 40K Is?

The Best 6th Edition Codex for Warhammer 40K Is?

  • Chaos Space Marines (13%, 193 Votes)
  • Dark Angels (10%, 150 Votes)
  • Chaos Daemons (6%, 90 Votes)
  • Tau Empire (44%, 637 Votes)
  • Eldar (23%, 336 Votes)
  • Other (explain in comments) (4%, 43 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,449

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I’d love to read more about your choice, and the reasons behind it, in the comments below!




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  • belverker

    i picked the Daemon Codex as it represents everything i find fun about 6th edition, there are some really fun units, some great concepts, better fluff then last time, the only thing i disliked about the codex was the fact that they still don’t have a Slaaneshi Greater Daemon special character.

    • wibbling

      Wot! The Daemons codex is riddled with inconsistencies. Much of the fluff doesn’t fit the rules and fundamentally the army isn’t balanced.

      Consider if you are against a mechanised army: where’s the units to take those out? Heavy and HQ.

      Now the Juggernaughts. Are they *really* as good as a Tau crisis suit?

      How do you deal with flyers?

      What other army has a shooting unit with random shots, a poor BS and a roll four times before to even see if you *can* shoot?

      What other army forces you to roll on a table to see how your army gets nobbled turn after turn?

      Bloodthirsters as strong as Lords of Change and Keepers yet supposedly the embodiment of war.

      High points, unbalanced force org, unfitting fluff – Skarbrand is a direct sodding copy small arms fire will easily nobble a Juggernaut, not patter off its armoured side – armoured in… cling film?

      Is a Skull cannon really as good as a Fire Prism or Hammerhead?

      Against Eldar guardians, Daemonettes will be nobbled. They cannot keep up against the mobility. Flamers now *help* your opponent. So do all other Tzeentch weapons. If Plague bearers glanced vehicles as entropic strike did that would be good, but it doesn’t.

      Reoving the enforced deep strike is a good thing, but it’s still hard work creating a list that isn’t fighting itself, or horribly vulnerable should specific units get nobbled or if you don’t take them (soul grinders with skyfire).

      The wargear is annoying, as you cannot choose what your units are armed with. Chaos didn’t need to mean random and the points system exists to stop people spamming options or they could have said “only two per army”.

      The Eldar codex is a superb one. Tau excellent, Chaos Marines great in creating fluff armies. Eldar wins for me because it has options in every slot that fulfil multiple roles and *still* allowing you to play a fluffy army.

      Daemons is an exercise in dice rolling or otherwise beating the book.

      • belverker

        i was going by what i find fun not what is the most powerful…the only thing i would have liked is bloodcrushers having a better save, other than that i love the randomness, but then again i played chaos when it was all random so it is probably hitting a nostalgia button for me, i can understand why people dislike it.

      • Glenn

        Warpstorm table nobbling yourself? only a 2, 3, or 4 on a 2d6 actually hurts you, the rest will hurt the enemy far more. You could even get a 4++ across your hole army!

        Anti-flyer? Bro you have FMC’s…vector strike them, take slaanesh lash, do iron arm for better vector strike etc. Pink horror blob also destroys flyers. they ain’t that much of a problem

        A skull cannon ignores cover and is pinning and gives assault grenades to units charging…It may not be uber-crazy, but is great in the hands of a good player.

        Daemonettes are so fast they will usually be in assault turn 2(turn 3 at latest), and since guardians have a 12″ range I have no idea how guardians would ever win vs daemonettes…

        Juggernauts ain’t so hot, but stick in karanak to make them scout, then 1-2 other heralds in there and you have a nasty hammer unit. they have 3 wounds apeice so small arms fire isn’t too hot vs them, but krak missiles are irritably effective.

        As for the comment of only heavy and HQ to take out mech armies…Fiends and Crushers can do that do.

        My only huge complaint is the s6 of the Bloodthirster and the low attacks of a bloodletter

        • I Hate Assumptions

          @Glenn: Iron Arm does NOT buff the Vector Strike strength, since VC uses “unmodified strength,” and a +x bonus is by its very nature a modification.

          • Ductus Cysticus

            No, but it does buff lash. 2d6 str 7-9 shots at BS 5 does take care of flyers.

  • jteague

    I chose chaos marines, not because of the heldrake, but because it has nice fluff which is represented in the rules (veterens of the long war). Some people think it is bland, and i agree partly on that (in need of supplements). Some of the units aren’t that good, some are ok. But i like the background and the chance to ‘hate’ marines. Also i can field ZOMBIES!

    • belverker

      i agree mate, i have had heaps of fun with this codex much more fluffy then it was last time

  • Kingstiger

    I’m going to go with Tau, for two reasons: one, they really nailed down the army’s synergy (markerlights, ho!) and two, they really shook up the meta. Flyer spam is a lot less common post-tau release, and in my book, that’s a good thing.

  • Thomas Mccoy

    i chose dark angels.. i think the army is the most balanced ive ever seen.. being able to have preferd enemy on your whole army potentially.. deepstriking a poopton of termies, up to 30 in on the first turn without scattering.. assaulting and double toughnessing the mess out of whatever they fight.. then using standard of devastaion to shoot the frik out of anything else.. i could go on for a while.. i really like my codex.. and i dont ever feel handicapped..

    • Deathwing

      well actually deathwing assault only makes you able to choose turn one or two and you dont need to roll the reserve roll. they still scatter.

  • Panagiotis Galanis

    I picked Tau, and although I am well informed of the existing codices I admit it was a sentimentally biased selection: After 8 (9) years of wait for a proper codex (not the 3,5 remake) it was like Christmas when I laid eyes on the 6th ed book.

    Good fluff, solid rules-set, great minis, multiple strategies = win.

  • Ambience 327

    Eldar – because now they really have enough tools to do up great “counts as” forces for both Harlequin Masques and Exodite Tribes. (Especially if you ally in Dark Eldar – Lelith Hesperax was simply BORN to be a Solitaire…)

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid


      Though true, I’d expect these to be rare uses of the Codex by and large. Still, if you have a painted Harlequin or Exodite army, shoot me some pics.

      That’s certainly something I’d love to see!!

  • Karl Schwedler

    I picked Tau. I’ll admit it’s likely because Tau was the Army I played first, and struggled with throughout 5th edition. Plus once 6th edition came out, We were an older codex without anything to take out flyers. Now we have so much anti Air options it’s coming out of my ears.

    But probably the main reason I like Tau is the fact that they have a well known weakness, but can still excel in spite of it. Everyone I play knows that the best way to defeat Tau is to get into close combat, but they can’t always pull it off.

    And while we don’t have the greatest flyers, it has really shaken up the meta at my LGS because of how easy it can be for me to take out the previously unkillable flyers.

  • Sharpie

    Tau. Its a book riddled with easy choices that are good against everything, and lets not forget, the abomination that was the Riptide.

    The Riptide is massively under costed for how sodding hard it is to kill, and it can throw out a S8 AP2 pie plate every bloody turn. It is absolutely broken, and sucks the fun out of the entire game.

    • Felix Isatia

      I find that my riptides tend to underperform tbh. Though that said, they do absorb entire games worth of fire.

      • tyrantrope

        The guy I play keeps using the damn 3+ invulnerable save on the damned thing. Didn’t save him from a concentrated chainfist terminator assault in the following turn mind.

  • NagaBaboon

    Tau. A lot of people think it’s OP and maybe it is but it’s a wonderful codex to use. It has a lot of synergy and a lot of viable units, makes lists fun to write and experiment with. Plus IMO the riptide is one of the best MCs both visually and in gameplay terms.

    The other reason I like it is because it makes other people really think about their lists. Suddenly when people know they’re going up against Tau they’re a bit less likely to do their usual tactics of mass drop podding marines etc because interceptor is so easy to get and they’re a bit less likely to spam those blasted night scythes and helldrakes because there’s so much skyfire available.

  • Puberty Rising

    I would save the hoorah until Tyranids codex drops in November.

  • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

    Poll closed. Tau far and ahead for a while now, so the outcome isn’t really that surprising.