Space Wolves Librarius Apoc Formation – Paint Job or Photoshop?

It feels like I’ve been whining criticising a lot about Games Workshop’s new Apocalypse 40K formations recently. Still, here’s another one I’d like to throw out to you. The Space Wolves (and Space Marines) Librarius formation. Or, rather, their ‘Eavy Metal Paint Job.

#1 – Space Marines Librarius vs. Space Wolves Librarius

Warhammer 40K Space Marine Librarius

Space Wolves Librarius

For some reason, these Space Wolves have my photoshop sense tingeling. Is it just me?

#2 – Games Workshop’s ‘Eavy Metal Team

Now, I know that many of the cool painters out there love to hate Games Workshop’s ‘Eavy Metal team, or at least the work they do. Still, if it weren’t for the wonderfully painted miniatures from the ‘Eavy Metal Studio in the White Dwarf back in the day, I probably wouldn’t be in the hobby.

To this day, I greatly enjoy ogling new releases, such as Forge World’s latest offering from today, for the nice paint job the pro’s put on them.

I certainly don’t want to be the guy bashing GW’s painting-team for things they don’t deserve.

But these three Librarian’s, which appear in both bundles, just don’t look hand-painted to me.

Are do they?

Couldn’t they have painted another 3 Librarians in Space Wolves colours? Or borrowed a few from one of their Studio armies? Seems like a step backwards to break out photoshop over the real brush and paint, no?

Or am I simply not giving a wonderfully matching paint job a hard time it doesn’t deserve?

Let me know what you think!




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  • Carl Woodrow

    I would say your spidey-senses serve you well. The three Space Wolf Librarians are almost certainly Studio painted and photographed … as Ultramarines. The positioning, lighting and natural marks bear all the hallmarks of the SW Librarians simply being re-photoshopped Ultramarines. Not even that well as the colours are completely out of whack, especially the yellow which has far too much luminance.
    They haven’t really done anything wrong, I just think it’s a bit cheap and tacky considering the asking price of their latest publications.

  • thinny

    Coming from someone who works as a digital illustrator: yep, that’s Photoshop. A simple job as well, just some colour balance adjustment on the blue channel.