The End of the Elder Vyper Squadron

The Vyper Squadron is gone, at least from Games Workshop’s (UK) online store.

Perhaps GW wanted to discontinue the 3-Vypers-in-a-single-box all along. The timing, a few days after the oddly priced Winderider Host Bundle went up for pre-order, seem …  unfortunate.

Warhammer 40K Eldar Vypers

#1 – Vypers and the Windrider Host Formation

This weekend, the new Warhammer 40K Apocalypse was launched, and with it the Apocalypse Formations, 1-Click-Bundles of (usually) large collections of Games Workshop models.

One such Formation was the Winderider Host, a fast-moving collection of Jetbikes and Vypers.

The Eldar way of war focuses on speed and the overwhelming concentration of force. Nowhere is this epitomised more than in the Windrider hosts. Made up of some of the fastest single-pilot vehicles in the galaxy, a Windrider host can strike without warning before swiftly evading any counter-attack.

This One-Click Collection contains all you need to field the Windrider Host Apocalypse Formation. It includes: 1 Eldar Autarch on Jetbike Upgrade Pack; 1 Eldar Jetbike; 6 Eldar Vyper Jetbikes; and 4 Jetbike Squadrons.

Oddly enough, the Windrider Host, priced at GBP 210,-  appeared to be more expensive than exact same models bought from GW’s online store without this 1-Click-Bundle if one were to purchase the 6 Vyper Jetbikes in the form 2 boxes of Vyper Squadrons.

  • GBP 80.- for 4x Jetbike Squadrons, containing 3 Jetbikes each, at GBP 20,-
  • GBP 95.- for 2x Vyper Squadrons, containing 3 Vypers each, at 47.50.-
  • GPB 11.- for the Autarch on Jetbike Conversion Kit
  • GBP 8.- for a single Jetbike to use with the Conversion Kit

  • GBP 194.- Total

As observant reader pointed out to me in my first post on this matter, the 16 quid savings come entirely from the savings inherent to the Vyper Squadrons box, which contains 3 Vypers for the price of GBP 47.50.

The same calculation as above, but with 6 individual Vypers at GBP 18.50 each instead of the Vyper Squadron boxes ends up at the exact total of GBP 210.-, the price of the Windrider Host Apoc Formation 1-Click-Bundle.

#2 -Vyper Squadron No Longer Available

Vyper Squadron Removed from GW's Online Store

As pointed out to me by Daniel over in my other post on the issue, the Vyper Squadron appears to have disappeared from GW’s online store, at least for the UK and the US (I didn’t check them all).

Of course, this could must not necessarily be related to the Windrider Host 1-Click-Bundle.

  • Perhaps GW’s was planning all along to phase-out the Vyper Squadron starting July 1st, independent of the Apocalypse release
  • Perhaps they did remove it only for the time the Apoc-Formation 1-Click-Bundle is available
  • Perhaps they removed the Vyper Squadrons forever

Whatever the case, collecting an Eldar army became slightly more expensive once again.

#3 – Thoughts?

What do you think?

Did Games Workshop remove the Vyper Squadron as a result of the Windrider Host 1-Click-Bundle? Are they two entirely unrelated products/events?

I would love to hear your opinion on this, so leave a comment below!


Image: Vyper Jetbike Squardon painted by Golem Painting Studio, from this article.


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  • chramb

    I’am not sure if there was a 3-Vypers-in-a-single-box at all?
    I received mine in 3 slim white blank boxes, without any Artwork except a Citadel Logo. Felt little bit like a warehouse clearance to me.

    • Seb Stark

      they save the packing cost

      i wonder if the Formations are sprue onlys?

    • Zweischneid

      I don’t think the Apocalypse Formations are a “single box” either.

      The entire concept of a “one-click-bundle” makes it a “online-only-thing” to start with.

      The complaint was that – prior to the removal of the 3-Vyper-box – the “1-click” was more expensive than the (estimated) “8-clicks”.

  • BrassScorpion

    There was never a Vyper squadron box in GW stores. All the other 3-model boxes that were recently announced, Necron Destroyers, Eldar Jetbikes, Space Marine Bikes and Chaos Marine Bikes now appear in GW stores and each has a formal shrink wrapped box with artwork for retail, but there was never a box of three Vypers in stores. The bundle deal of three was apparently just an online deal and they probably discontinued it at least for the moment to make it easier to push the Apocalypse one-click bundle.

  • garrr

    3-pack War Walkers and Artillery were discontinued too. Sucks that there was no warning- especially compared to their ‘Iyanden limited time only bundle buy now to save exactly zero money!’ promotion- but that’s geedubya I guess.

  • Seb Stark

    its not the only thing GW removed
    RW battleforce is gone
    saved you like 20,-

    but you can still get it in the Formation -.-

    Its Cover Up by GW