The Garden of Nurgle and Nurgle Plaguebearer List

Herald of Nurgle Plaguebearer List

Yesterday, Games Workshop announced that they’ve released another batch of digital products, including a nurgly background-supplement called the Garden of Nurgle.

The Plague Father’s realm within the Warp includes the nauseating putrescent of the Garden of Nurgle. A tangled forest of noxious plants and rotting souls the garden is crisscrossed with winding paths and stinking bogs, each one leading to another terrible part of Nurgle’s personal domain.

£3.49 for 14 pages is a probably too steep for me, though I do have a soft spot for green (if you haven’t noticed). So instead, I thought I post a nurgly list (even though my 40k-list-building-fu is weak) as there are preciously few chances to talk about Warhammer 40K Chaos Daemons.

#1 – A Brief Plaguebearer Tactica

For me, for most armies, there’s always “that one model” that makes me want to build an army. For Tau, it’s the humble Fire Warrior. For Daemons, it’s probably the new plastic Plague Bearers that keep growing on me the longer I think on them.

Plaguebearers are a staple of most Chaos Daemons armies though, and for good reasons.

  • Plagueswords – Most people thinking of Plaguebearers think camping objectives. That’s not wrong, but Plaguebearers come with one of the greatest utility weapons in a Daemons army: Plagueswords. They are poisonous and they can auto-glance vehicles on a 6. All right, I admit, you need will somebody else to cut through Space Marines, but when Plaguebearers can attacks something vulnerable to their swords, they should!
  • Daemon of Nurgle – Plaguebearers lost Feel No Pain, though they did gain Shrouded, Slow and Purposeful and – if the unit is made up entirely of Daemons of Nurgle – Defensive Grenade. Yes… objectives! Objectives win Warhammer 40K.
  • Herald of Nurgle – With a Greater Locus of Fecundity (love those names!), they bring back Feel No Pain to your tough & Shrouded Plaguebearers. Now try moving that!

#2 – A 1500 Points Nurgle Daemons List

A 1500 Nurgle Daemons list full of slimy green goodness.

HQ 355
Great Unclean One with Level 2 Psyker, Eternal Blade, Greater Reward
Herald of Nurgle with Greater Locus of Locus of Fecundity, Balesword
Troops 370
15 Plaguebearers of Nurgle, Icon of Chaos
10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle
10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle
3x Nurgling Swarms
Elite 104
1x Beast of Nurgle
1x Beast of Nurgle
Fast Attack 141
3 Plague Drones of Nurgle with Icon of Chaos
Heavy Support 530
Daemon Prince of Nurgle, Wings, Armour, Psyker Lvl 1, Greater Reward
Daemon Prince of Nurgle, Wings, Armour, Psyker Lvl 1, Greater Reward
Total 1500
  • Great Unclean One - Eternal Blade for extra attacks, Greater Reward for the fun potential of Daemonic Resilience (but nearly all of them are great). T7 and Shrouded. What’s not to like?
  • Herald of Nurgle – Gives the large Plaguebearers unit Feel No Pain. Instant Death-Sword keeps your opponent wary.
  • Plaguebearers of Nurgle - An extra helping of Plaguebearers… it’s what I promised!
  • Nurglings – Can’t have a Nurgle-list without Nurglings, can you?
  • Beasts of Nurgle – Admittedly, a Nurgle-themed army like this will move at a snails pace. Beasts of Nurgle aren’t the fastest thing in the Codex, but their Attention Seeker ability can jump a surprise on your opponent if he moves too carelessly as he’s running circles around your slimy guys.
  • Plague Drones – I don’t really know much about them, but they have shiny new models. The icon might come in handy for deep striking other units.
  • Winged Daemon Princes – Flying Monstrous Creatures to challenge the skies (and just about everything else). They aren’t cheap, but they hit hard!


What do you think?

It’s not an army that will win tournaments (nor does it want to be that army), but it may well teach some of your opponents the meaning of nurgleseque perseverance.

  • Would you play a Nurgle army like this?
  • Would you change something? If so, what?
  • What would you do if this army showed up opposing you?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


Image: Herald of Nurgle painted by Joescotchegg.


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  • D. B.

    This is cool in the extreme. You could make a very nice allied list with that – or play it as an independent list even. Seeing as the Chaos Daemons codex is somewhat skewed in the direction of Chaos Undivided daemon hordes (which is understandable, as it would be a bit restrictive otherwise), this is a nice alternative for passionate heretic geeks who’d rather sell their souls to ONE deity.
    While I will purge any such armies with the RITESHESS FUREH OF DA EMPRAH, I nonetheless think that GW is on a good path here.
    And if this ever gets turned into a softcover supplement like the Codex: Craftworlds (from times long past), I’ll be the first to buy it.

    • Yggdrasil

      Characterful list, but I guess all monotheist lists would look like that, as you barely have but one choice per FOC category…
      Still, I love it !!

      The “Garden of Nurgle” has always been a favourite nugget of Chaos lore to me, so I might get tempted at some point…

      Too bad you don’t seem to get a few additional rules for the price…

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        the old Realm of Chaos- Lost and the Damned and whatever the other one is called are free to download from popular file download sites like Scribd, and have tons of great fluff, far better than this digital nonsense. They are long oop which makes me feel OK about downloading them. Liber Chaotica is also on there somewhere.