THON Is Now On Kickstarter!

The Thon the Game Kickstarter is now up and running. This one has long been in the making. Way, way back in the late summer of last year I stumbled upon a fantastic Facebook site, which displayed some truly fantastic sci-if concept art, intriguing first sculpts and rumours of a Kickstarter.

It was, of course, the Facebook pendant for Thon the Game. The creative people behind it were kind enough to spare the time for an interview for my blog.

This Kickstarter for THON will fund the mass production of the plastic injected game models (assembly required), rulebooks, custom dice, markers and packaging and get the game into your home.

The game’s Core Set consists of a skirmish sized army from both the Sons of Ord and the Thonian Alliance, dice, markers, reference cards and rulebook.

Here are the two main reasons why I believe this game could really turn out to be rather special.

#1 – Plastic Injected Game Models

Miniatures for Thon the Game

For some reasons, solid plastic-injected game models, especially those with a more futuristic (less grim-gothic) look, are still rare as hell. For all its massive success, even large sci-fi games such as Infinity the Game still trade in metal. The recent, highly ambitious Beyond the Gates of Antares Kickstarter promised, at best, one or two plastic kits mixed with mostly metal and resin.

These days, when companies like DreamForge forge ahead (no pun intended) with state-of-the-art slide-core moulds and multi-part plastic, it seems legit to … dunno … expect more!

From what I can see from Thon – awesome, unique sci-fi miniatures made for multi-part (and thus easy to convert) plastic-kits – really shows what is possible these days for a miniatures game company willing to give it their best.

#2 – Narrative Gaming

Narrative Gaming Thon

A Preview for narrative gaming in THON

Perhaps the thing that fascinated me most was the idea to launch not just one (miniatures) game, but an integrated set of three games, covering one-on-one miniatures wargaming, narrative roleplaying and casual beers-and-pretzel gaming in one fell swoop.

Here’s a preview on narrative (RPG) gaming from Thon the Game. It certainly sounds intriguing and, most importantly, promises truly “deep” background with factions that have enough detail and personality to really dig into.

Narrative Play – Players begin play as either Ordhren Ardor Corps or Thonian Core Academy Grads and may choose from one of five default classes for each faction. The Fireborn pictured here is the Ordhren ‘Tank’ Class. Their power comes from their weapons, plate and extremely hardy frame. Their default ‘Born of Fire’ Skill grants them the ability to resurrect without aid from an Augur.

Thon the Game Sci-Fi Miniatures Wargame

Thon the Game Concept Art

Now, looking at the Kickstarter campaign for Thon, I have to say that the “inception-sound-effect” pitch-video is a bit bland and impersonal. The page is also lacking a bit of visual jazz, especially for a campaign that long in the making (sorry guys).

Nevertheless, for the reasons given above, it’s well worth taking a second look. Thon the Game clearly is a potential gem in the rough.

Let me know what you think!




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