Eldar Ghost Warriors – Is it any Good?


I have to admit, there is a certain excitement to Games Workshop’s digital advent calendar, simply because these releases do indeed shake up the game (if you use them), at least the formations and data-slates do (though the motive clearly is to push the Christmas bundles).

We’ve had two so far (for Warhammer 40K):

  • The Tau Firesupport Cadre, which was (I thought) extremely potent, allowing almost all armies to ally in a Riptide and a six-pack of Broadsides (with free Tank Hunter on top). Never worry about a lack of Interceptor/Skyfire in your army again
  • The Adeptus Astartes Storm Wing, which I thought was (comparatively lacking), with rules seemingly written on the fly and – sadly denying non Codex: Space Marines units to board the plane.

Now we have the data-slate for the biggest Christmas box of them all: Eldar Ghost Warriors!

#1 – Eldar Ghost Warriors

Eldar Spirit Warriors Formation
Eldar Ghost Warriors Dataslate

The Eldar Ghost Warriors Box from Games Workshop gets you 1 Wraithknight, 2 Wraithlords and 3 boxes of 5 Wraithguard/Wraithblades. That’s a potent little army right there. At 160 quid, it’s the most expensive the second-most expensive bundle too.

So what does the Data-slate add?

As with the previous two Data-slates, it allows all armies that could normally ally with Eldar to take this formation without any other limitations. Want to add a bunch of Wraith-constructs to your Space Marines army? This is for you.

As with the previous two Data-slates, it also comes with two “free” special rules. In this case: Desperate Measures and Wraithbone Wall.

Both Desperate Measures (a limited-area Hatred) and Wraithbone Wall (improved cover saves granted by units from this formation to other units also from this formation) are, without doubt, much tamer than the Tank-Hunting Tau. Still a tough Wraithbone-nut to crack.

#2 – Thoughts?

Nice stuff, but no Tau Firesupport base. That sums it up, I suppose. Perhaps even Games Workshop saw that the Tau Firesupport Base Formation was a bit over the top and decided to go over the later releases with a last minute-nerf-stick? Perhaps they never gave that much thought to these data-slates (beyond, gotta fit the Christmas bundels) in the first place.

Either way, I doubt there’ll be another advent calendar release of the caliber of the Tau Firesupport Cadre (though, if Cypher does show up, it’ll be a sensation of a different kind).

What do you think?

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Image: Eldar Wraithknight painted by Jon Law


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  • Cylux

    Dunno if the price has been jacked up or not, but the Tau bundle is 15 quid more expensive than the Ghost Warrior bundle.

    • http://pinsofwar.net/ Zweischneid

      Hmm. True. You are right of course.

  • Martin Jørgensen

    All these mini digital releases, just ads more confusion to the 40k game.