Slitherine Previews Blood Angels and Imperial Guard

Slitherine Games Warhammer 40K Armageddon

In partnership with Games Workshop, Slitherine Games is developing a “Battle for Armageddon” game in the turn-based, hex-based strategy game format Slitherine Games specializes in.

Now, there’s a first glimpse of what we will visually be looking forward to for this game.

A collection of unit-graphics for the Blood Angels and the Imperial Guard from Slitherine’s “Armageddon” has been posted. These may or may not be the final graphics.

Either way, I think they look pretty cool. Have a look.

#1 – The Blood Angels

Slitherine Games Armageddon Blood Angels

#2 – The Imperial Guard

Slitherine Games Armageddon Imperial Guard

#3 – Thoughts?

Looks fun. Hex-based strategy games do hit the nostalgic spot for me, and with cool, classic interpretations of 40k units like this, I can see my self playing a few matches. This may well be one of the more interesting Warhammer 40K computer games currently being worked on.

What do you think?

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