No Vespids, No Kroot – Will There Be An Allies Codex?

Warhammer 40K Allies Codex?

Lesser Races of the Tau Empire M.I.A?.

Earlier today, the pictures for the new Tau Empire miniatures leaked. There are lots of interesting things to be found in the update, including the giant Tau Riptide suit, re-done Broadsides and the by now obligatory Flyer-kit.

At the same time, there are also things obviously missing.

  • Vespids, which suffer from horrible old models, didn’t get a make-over
  • No Kroot HQ or beast as was frequently rumoured
  • Kroot got dumped from the Tau Battleforce
  • Old rumours hinting at a “return” of squats demiurg also appear to have turned out false

Of course, one possible explanation is that Games Workshop just decided not to care about the “non-Tau” units. Warhammer 40K rumour-mongering is a fickle, imprecise science at best.

Maybe these units and options simply weren’t updated or, for the new stuff, never considered.

Or… they are not in the Tau Codex itself!

Codex: Allies – Could It Be True?

Speculations about a possible “Codex: Allies” or “Warhammer 40K Allies Supplement” have been in the mix for a while.

So what if the new Tau Empire Codex is really just… a Tau Codex, perhaps with a rule that would let the Tau choose allied detachments more freely and more numerously than other factions?

In turn, Kroot, Vespids, Demiurg and other exotic options might well have been outsourced to such an Allies book?

Alternatively, to keep past Tau Empire armies compatible, basic Kroot and Vespids might still be in the new 6th Edition Tau Empire Codex, but everything new and fancy will be in a new book?


Perhaps, but I’d love to see it that way. It would also make for a more satisfying explanation as to why there is seemingly so little allied-Xenos love in the recent leak of Tau pictures.

What do you think?

Could this be a possibility?

Let me know what you think?




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