Poll: DreamForge Leviathan or Games Workshop Knight?

Ever since word got out, that Games Workshop was doing a plastic kit for an Imperial Knight, debates have raged on whether gamers should opt for the model from GW themselves, or opt instead for a surprisingly fitting alternative, the Leviathan Crusader from DreamForge.

Time for … a poll!

#1 – Leviathan vs. Knight

Debates on these two alternatives seem to discuss the following points (among others).

  • Price – Though the DF Leviathan is slightly more expensive than the GW Knight in straight-up RRP in the UK, its seems to be cheaper in the US and elsewhere. In the States, DreamForge has a massive “February-Sale” going on. However, as the Leviathan is an older mini, even Brits can find good deals on discounters or eBay.
  • Aesthetic – Though they are both huge, stompy walkers, there are clear differences in design. The Knight comes with all the grimdark ornaments you’d expect (if very few skulls). The Crusader features a lot more flat surfaces, and a less medieval-gothic look.
  • GW-Boycott – Not few people are eager to embrace the opportunity to play GW’s games with a third-party-miniature without “giving GW money” (except for the rules, I suppose), for a variety of reasons.

#2 – Knight vs. Leviathan Poll

Now, admittedly, a lot of people also own a DreamForge Crusader already, be it from the Kickstarter or the later retail release. However, if you don’t own either, and you’re looking (perhaps?) to add a big walker to your hobby-collection, which one would you pick?

Leviathan Crusader or Imperial Knight



#3 – Thank You for Voting!

Many thanks for your vote. As usually, my most recent poll on the Tyranid release will be open for another day or two.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you voted for. And why!

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