The Red Waaagh! – Six Weeks of Orks!

Games Workshop is riding the Ork-waveWaaagh! to the fullest.

The Ork Codex will be available in stores this weekend. Furthermore, issue 22 of the White Dwarf will also bring us pre-orders for Nobz in Megarmour and the Ghazghkull Supplement, which is already included in the Limited Edition version of the Orks Codex.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the images seen from the upcoming White Dwarf (Issue 22, to be published on Saturday the 28th of June) is the preview-page for Issue 23 (!) of the White Dwarf Weekly, to be published on July 5th.

It will focus on … drum roll … Orks!

#1 – The Red Waaagh!

The preview talks about the Red Waaagh!, which is one of the more recent entries to the Warhammer 40K fluff (and one that will be expanded on, it appears).

From page 47 of the Dark Millennium book:

Warboss Grukk of the Red Waaagh! plows into the densely populated Sanctus Reach.

The Imperium prepares to make a stand upon Alaric Prime, a feudal world of linked archipelagos and crumbling gaols. When a flotilla of Ork rust-ships makes planetfall, the knightly houses of Alaric lead their Cadian allies in a worldwide counter-attack. Warlord Grukk’s bullish tactics take a heavy toll on the human defenders and destroy the Obsidian Glaives Chapter before the legendary Freeblade known as Gerantius joins the conflict, tipping the war into a new desperate phase.

Indeed, the Dark Millennium book that came with 40K 7th Edition has a special feature on Waaagh! Grukk, the very same Warboss responsible for the Red Waaagh!.

Step aside Ghaz, there’s competition coming, it seems.


Waaagh! Grukk was a teaming fleet of Ork invaders that smashed its way straight through Sanctus Reach. At its head was Grukk himself, an Ork warlord with such a bloody reputation that Orks flocked from all around to fight at his side.

#2 – Thoughts?

It is certainly an interesting move on GW’s behalf to tinker with the background some more. I am not sure why this comes at the end of the Ork-release, and not at the beginning, but I am looking forward to see what GW does with this “new” Waaagh! and Warboss on the 40k-block.

What do you think?

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