DreadBall Season 3 Teams: The Nameless

Yesterday, Mantic Games unveiled the cover for the DreadBall Season 3 rulebook. Today, we are treated to a first glimpse of one of the new teams for Season 3: The Nameless.

DreadBall Season 3 Team: The Nameless

DreadBall Season 3 - The Nameless The Nameless Team for DreadBall Season 3

Other Season 3 Teams: Asterians and Teratons

With the Nameless, pictures for three of the four Season 3 have been previewed. The Asterians recently made a first appearance on the Kickstarter updates and the Teraton-miniatures have been around (as pictures) since Salute 2013 and the Mantic Open Day.

DreadBall Asterians

DreadBall Teratons

Nameless Thoughts & Zees

That is certainly an interesting look. I wasn’t expecting the crustacean elements in the tentacly Nameless. The Nameless are – model wise – the most exotic addition to DreadBall in Season 3.

The only team missing are the Zees (though there has been a render of the prone marker, which indicates that the Zees, along with the DreadBall Mech, are the one team for Season 3 that is digitally sculpted (as the Robots were for Season 3).

By their background, the Zees are all clones. Allegedly, the Zee team will be all-Jacks in the game, with some form of advantage for doing fouls.

Fouls in DreadBall (thus far) revolve largely around hurting people – something Jacks are generally worse at than Guards – and sneaking extra players on the pitch – which seems tailor-made for a “clones-team”, though it is, for the current DreadBall teams, a near-impossible foul to pull off for anything but the briefest of moments. Looking forward to see how the Zees will play.

  • What do you think of the new Season 3 DreadBall teams?
  • Which one is your favourite, which one do you like the least (missing Zees aside)?
  • How do you think they compare, miniature-wise, to the Season 1 and Season 2 teams?

Let me know what you think and leave a comment!




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